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Image for Lime-Lite™ Enhanced
Lime-Lite™ Enhanced

Light-cure, radiopaque and moisture-friendly cavity liner and base material. Specially formulated for use with adhesives, composites...

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Image for Activa™ BioActive-Base/Liner™
Activa™ BioActive-Base/Liner™

Bioactive, dual-cure base/liner with an ionic resin matrix, a shock-absorbing resin component, and bioactive fillers...

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Image for Pulpdent® Porcelain Prep Kit
Pulpdent® Porcelain Prep Kit

This economical kit, used to prepare porcelain surfaces for bonding, contains Porcelain Etch Gel, Kool-Dam™,...

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Image for Dentastic™

Dual-cure hydrophilic all-purpose dental adhesive system. Bonds to dentin, enamel, porcelain, resins, precious and non-precious...

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Image for Dentastic™ Uno™
Dentastic™ Uno™

UNO is an exceptionally strong, single-component adhesive for bonding to dentin, enamel, porcelain, metal, composite...

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Image for Silane Bond Enhancer
Silane Bond Enhancer

Strengthens the bond between composite and resin cements to porcelain. Unique dropper tip dispenses one...

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Image for Pulpdent brush tip applicators
Pulpdent brush tip applicators

Brush tips are 24mm in length and fit most standard dental brush handles.

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Image for Snoop™ Caries Detecting Dye
Snoop™ Caries Detecting Dye

Dark blue propylene glycol formula dye stains outer infected dentin only, will not stain inner...

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Image for Activa™ Presto™
Activa™ Presto™

Highly esthetic, stackable, light-cure universal composite that is strong and durable, plus wear and fracture...

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Image for Activa™ BioActive-Restorative™
Activa™ BioActive-Restorative™

Highly esthetic composite restorative material with a bioactive resin matrix that actively releases and exchanges...

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Image for Kool-Dam™

Heatless liquid dam and block out resin that can be applied on gingiva or tooth...

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Image for Pulpdent bent needle tips
Pulpdent bent needle tips

Luer-Lock, blunt applicator tips for simple placement of etchants and other slightly viscous medicaments. 25...

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Image for Etch-Rite™

38% phosphoric acid. Blue tinted. Stays in place, washes off easily. For more information, click...

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Image for Etch-Royale<sup>™</sup>

For clinicians who prefer a creamier gel that readily settles into dentin and enamel, but...

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Image for Porcelain Etch Gel
Porcelain Etch Gel

9.6% hydrofluoric acid etch gel for porcelain veneers, inlays, and fractured porcelain surfaces. One-minute application....

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Image for Embrace™ Varnish
Embrace™ Varnish

5% NaFl with Xylitol-coated calcium and phosphate in a permeable resin matrix that does not...

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Image for Pic-N-Stic™

A handle for small objects. The adhesive tip at the end of these 2½” plastic...

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Image for EDTA Solution - Pulpdent
EDTA Solution - Pulpdent

For root canal cleaning and shaping during instrumentation as well as smear layer removal. 17%...

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Image for Prep-Rite<sup>™</sup> RC
Prep-Rite RC

For picking up on files or filling the access cavity using the traditional technique. Contains...

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Image for File-Rite

File-Rite is a convenient syringe dispensing directly into canals using 30-gauge x 1″ (2.5 cm)...

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Image for Pulpdent mixing wells
Pulpdent mixing wells

Disposable, white color, perforated sheets.

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Image for Flecta™ disposable front surface mirrors
Flecta™ disposable front surface mirrors

Innovative, elongated front-surface mirror with 40% larger viewing surface; back side of mirror can serve...

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Image for ACTIVA™ BioActive-Cement™
ACTIVA™ BioActive-Cement™

Dual-cure bioresponsive resin cement for indirect restorations including zirconia, ceramic, CAD/CAM, metal and resin. ACTIVA...

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Image for Embrace™ Wetbond™ Resin Cement
Embrace™ Wetbond™ Resin Cement

The first self-adhesive resin cement that bonds to the slightly moist tooth. Embrace is a...

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Image for Embrace™ Wetbond™ Seal-n-Shine™
Embrace™ Wetbond™ Seal-n-Shine™

Seals composites and margins. Cures clear – no yellow tint. Eliminates final finishing and polishing...

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Image for Dam Frame<sup>™</sup>
Dam Frame

Anatomically contoured rubber dam frame designed to maximize patient comfort and safety. Made of radiolucent...

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Image for Embrace™ Wetbond™
Embrace™ Wetbond™

Light cure sealant and small lesion restorative. Bonds chemically and mechanically to moist teeth. Self-adhesive;...

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Image for Seal-Rite™

Seal-Rite™ is a light-cured filled UDMA resin-based pit and fissure sealant that protects against caries...

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Image for Pulpdent® Paste
Pulpdent® Paste

Pulpdent Paste is the original premixed calcium hydroxide methylcellulose pulpal dressing. It is indicated for...

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Image for TempCanal™ Enhanced
TempCanal™ Enhanced

Temporary calcium hydroxide root canal treatment for routine use between visits to prevent flare-ups, and...

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Image for Pulpdent® Root Canal Sealer
Pulpdent® Root Canal Sealer

Pulpdent Root Canal Sealer is a permanent root canal filling material that is specially manufactured...

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Image for Multi-Cal™

All purpose, non-setting, calcium hydroxide paste. For temporary root canal therapy, direct and indirect pulp...

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Image for Tuff-Temp™ Plus
Tuff-Temp™ Plus

Dual-cure provisional veneer and C&B resin. Rubberized-urethane dimethacrylate chemistry for a harder, tougher temporary. Designed...

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Image for Rainbow Wedges<sup>™</sup>
Rainbow Wedges

Anatomically contoured, strong wooden wedges that come in in four color coded sizes. Designed to avoid...

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