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Image for AccuFilm® II articulating film
AccuFilm® II articulating film

Double sided film, .008" x ⅞" x 3½".

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Image for Blu-Mousse®

Vinyl polysiloxane for occlusal registrations and much more. Before setting, it’s so fluffy (like whipped...

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Image for Amalgambond<sup>®</sup> Plus
Amalgambond® Plus

Bonds amalgam or composite to dentin, enamel, and old or new amalgam. Maximizes preservation of...

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Image for Brush & Bond® Max
Brush & Bond® Max

Next generation bonding agent that provides stronger adhesion and higher bond strength. Single-bottle system combines...

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Image for Brush & Bond®
Brush & Bond®

6th generation, single-bottle, self-etching, self-priming, light-cured dentin bonding agent that contains 4-META. This creative bonding...

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Image for Epic®-TMPT

Light cured direct resin composite formulated with proprietary organic filler for higher polishability and greater...

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Image for Predicta® Bioactive Bulk
Predicta® Bioactive Bulk

A bioactive, dual-cure, bulk-fill resin composite that releases calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions to stimulate...

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Image for Absolute Dentin®
Absolute Dentin®

With Absolute Dentin, there’s no need for hand mixing or triturating. It displays excellent flow...

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Image for Predicta® Bioactive Core
Predicta® Bioactive Core

Bioactive dual-cure composite for build-ups and post cementations. Releases calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions to...

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Image for Predicta® Bioactive Desensitizer
Predicta® Bioactive Desensitizer

Bioactive desensitizer uses the elements that are naturally found in the tooth and restores them...

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Image for Parkell mixing tips
Parkell mixing tips

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Image for Predicta® Bioactive Cement
Predicta® Bioactive Cement

Bioactive, self-adhesive, dual-cure resin cement that fills and seals microgaps. Alleviates or prevents microleakage that...

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Image for C&B Metabond® Quick
C&B Metabond® Quick

Adhesive resin cement for bonding any metal to dentin or enamel. Retains crowns on preps...

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Image for Secure®

Dual-cure 4-META adhesive resin cement. Generates strong bond to tooth with use of unique self-etch...

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Image for Digitest® 3
Digitest® 3

Electrically stimulates the tooth to test for vitality. Comparing the response to the stimulus of...

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Image for MucoHard+™

Denture reline resin produces strong, long-lasting chairside hard relines without the inconvenient powder/liquid mixes. The...

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Image for MucoSoft®

Flexible silicone formula will not stiffen with age, providing patients with cushioning comfort for years....

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Image for Dryz®

Gingival hemostatic retraction paste. Fast acting formula stops gingival bleeding and seepage that may interfere...

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Image for Sensimatic® 700 SE Electrosurge
Sensimatic® 700 SE Electrosurge

Simplifies and improves the treatment outcomes of procedures performed every day in your dental office.The...

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Image for E.T.C.™ Easy Temporary Cement
E.T.C.™ Easy Temporary Cement

Dual-cure, easy-to-use non-eugenol cement offering strong adhesion to temporary prostheses. Low viscosity allows for the...

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Image for Snap®

Acrylic based self-cure provisional crown and bridge material. Color stable with low heat release and...

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Image for SmarTemp®

High-strength radiopaque provisional resin material. Thicker viscosity for easier manipulation. Extended doughy stage for easy...

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Image for Comfort Grip™ inserts
Comfort Grip™ inserts

The Comfort Grip ultrasonic inserts feature a 12mm wide grip with a tire-like tread pattern...

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Image for Stainless steel inserts
Stainless steel inserts

Stainless steel one-piece grips do not crack or leak. Focused delivery directs water precisely where...

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Image for Burnett Power-Tip™ inserts
Burnett Power-Tip™ inserts

70% more power than standard universal or perio inserts. Built to handle moderate to extra...

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Image for DuraTip<sup>®</sup> Inserts
DuraTip® Inserts

DuraTip inserts redefine scaling, by providing “out-of-the-box” efficiency for the entire life of the insert,...

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Image for TurboSensor® Plus<br /><br /><br />
TurboSensor® Plus

Combines the reliability and performance of its predecessor with new features that enhance the scaling...

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Image for TurboSensor<sup>®</sup>

Versatile scaler with clearly marked intuitive controls delivers dependable results day in and day out....

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Image for Cinch™

Please be advised that, due to supply chain issues, Cinch products have a significant backorder. Estimated...

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