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J. Morita

Image for Root ZX3
Root ZX3

The Root ZX3 is the latest generation of the world’s best-selling apex locator. Brand new...

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Image for J Morita Root ZX® Original Probe Cord
J Morita Root ZX® Original Probe Cord

Power cord for the Original Root ZX low speed handpiece module.

View J Morita Root ZX® Original Probe Cord

Image for Root ZX mini
Root ZX mini

Offers the same, proven Root ZX apex location technology which has been independently evaluated at...

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Image for Root ZX II OTR low speed handpiece module
Root ZX II OTR low speed handpiece module

This optional add-on enhancement allows the Root ZX II to function as a low speed...

View Root ZX II OTR low speed handpiece module

Image for Root ZX® II
Root ZX® II

Features an easy-to-use large high contrast screen. The action of the meter in the display...

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Image for Foundation™

A collagen-based bone augmentation material that is placed into the socket immediately following an extraction to provide support for implants,...

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Image for JM needles
JM needles

Indicator dot on hub assures easy identification of the lancet bevel position for less insertion...

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Image for Tri Auto ZX2 Endodontic Handpiece
Tri Auto ZX2 Endodontic Handpiece

Compact, cordless endodontic handpiece with built-in apex locator. Used for achieving apical patency and creating...

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Image for Tri Auto ZX2+
Tri Auto ZX2+

The Tri Auto ZX2+ is a cordless endodontic handpiece with a built-in apex locator. Its...

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Image for Multi Spray
Multi Spray

Morita Multi Spray is recommended for regular maintenance and lubrication of your ball bearing handpieces, air...

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Image for Lubrina 2
Lubrina 2

Automatically lubricate and maintain up to four handpieces at the same time. Automatically performs maintenance...

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Image for TwinPower Turbine Ultra Series
TwinPower Turbine Ultra Series

View TwinPower Turbine Ultra Series

Image for TwinPower Turbine 45
TwinPower Turbine 45

The TwinPower Turbine 45 is an air driven, high speed handpiece for applications in surgery,...

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Image for TwinPower Turbine® Standard Head
TwinPower Turbine® Standard Head

Features the world's only "twin turbines". This unique design delivers superior cutting power even under...

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Image for TwinPower Turbine Basic
TwinPower Turbine Basic

View TwinPower Turbine Basic

Image for Morita mixing tips
Morita mixing tips

View Morita mixing tips

Image for J Morita Plastic Cover
J Morita Plastic Cover

Bite block covers are clear, plastic and dispoable barriers to reduce cross-contamination while eliminating the...

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Image for Feather<sup>® </sup>Microsurgical Blades
Feather® Microsurgical Blades

Advanced instrument system of interchangeable blades and handles. Ultra-sharp, retains cutting efficiency. Ideal for microsurgery...

View Feather® Microsurgical Blades

Image for CaineTips

Individually wrapped disposable swabs pre-filled with a 20% benzocaine solution. Ideal for intraoral pain relief...

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Image for PerfectIM® Systems
PerfectIM® Systems

Blue Velvet’s soft, whipped texture sets to a plaster-like hardness that yields a precise impression...

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