Root ZX II OTR low speed handpiece module

J. Morita

(Made in Japan.)
Root ZX II OTR low speed handpiece module

Product Details

This optional add-on enhancement allows the Root ZX II to function as a low speed handpiece offering speeds from 150 – 800 rpm, allowing the clinician to prepare root canals while displaying precise and accurate measurements of the root canal.

The handpiece control module snaps easily onto the back of the apex locator unit, permitting use as an apex locator, low speed handpiece or a combination of both functions.

The handpiece is lightweight (70g weight for micromotor plus contra-angle) and compact (head length 12.5mm).

Pre-programmed with 5 automatic safety modes: auto motor start/stop, auto torque reverse, auto torque slow down, auto apical reverse, auto apical slow down; also user programmable.

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Root ZX II OTR low speed handpiece module
Low speed handpiece module
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mfg#: 24-5361257
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