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Dental Acrylics and Dental Reline

Image for Fastray<sup>™</sup>

Custom tray material that is dimensionally stable and radiopaque.  5 minute set time for regular...

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Image for Fastray™ LC
Fastray™ LC

One component, light-cured custom tray material in pre-formed sheets. Saves time and eliminates odors associated...

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Image for Lucitone® Liquid
Lucitone® Liquid

For use with Lucitone 199, Lucitone Clear, and Characterized Lucitone.

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Image for Lucitone 199®
Lucitone 199®

Premium denture base resin for both tissue and implant-supported full and partial dentures. Offers outstanding esthetics,...

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Image for GC Reline™
GC Reline™

Hard denture reline material without methyl methacrylate - no heat or tissue irritation. Easy to...

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Image for Trusoft™

Serves as an intermediate liner when patients need a prolonged adjustment period before using a...

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Image for MucoHard+™

Denture reline resin produces strong, long-lasting chairside hard relines without the inconvenient powder/liquid mixes. The...

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Image for MucoSoft®

Flexible silicone formula will not stiffen with age, providing patients with cushioning comfort for years....

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Image for Kooliner™

Hard chairside reliner formulated for reduced exothermic heat. It can completely self-cure in the patient’s...

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Image for Coe-Soft™

Cold-cure chairside reline material used when the patient requires a soft, temporary liner in upper...

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Image for DentuSil™

Cartridge dispensed chairside soft silicone reline material provides denture patients with a comfortable, reliable reline...

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Image for Rebase III Fast
Rebase III Fast

Next generation chairside hard denture reline material. Designed for long-term, complete and partial acrylic denture...

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Image for Visco-Gel®

Temporary soft liner to provide retention and comfort where dentures are not tolerated, or to...

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Image for Lynal®

Tissue conditioner and temporary reliner. Self-curing, resilient methacrylate formulation, intended for use as a limited...

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Image for SoftLine™

Chairside silicone soft reline for full or partial dentures. SoftLine bonding agent ensures adhesion between...

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Image for GC Reline™ II Soft and Extra Soft
GC Reline™ II Soft and Extra Soft

Cold-cure chairside relining material which has an improved vinyl polysiloxane formula that exhibits better adhesive...

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Image for Sofreliner Tough®
Sofreliner Tough®

Silicone-based automix soft lining material. 6 minute chairside cure. Exceptional durability and resistance to discoloration....

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Image for Truliner™

Permanent hard chairside reline. New formula contains no methyl methacrylate and is minimally exothermic, compared with...

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Image for Jet Denture Repair Acrylic
Jet Denture Repair Acrylic

The original fast-curing acrylic resin for denture repairs preferred by dentists and laboratory technicians for...

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Image for Softone™

Tissue conditioner and functional impression material. Restores, conditions, massages and rehabilitates damaged tissue.

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Image for Coe-Comfort™

Self-curing chairside edentulous tissue conditioner used to restore sound form and condition to the underlying...

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