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Ordering Dental Supplies Made Easier with Shopping Lists

During a hectic day filled with patients and paperwork, who has extra time to spend online looking for the dental products they regularly order? Let’s be honest, you’d much rather have more time to spend with patients or ensuring that your practice is running smoothly…or even taking a quick break to escape from the stress of your day!

At Safco Dental Supply, we want to ensure that every order you place with us, whether over the phone or on the web, is done as efficiently and easily as possible. Our goal is for you to spend less time with us, and more time practicing dentistry and generating revenue for your practice.

That being said, one thing I’d like to talk about today is our Shopping List feature on our website. With thousands of lists already created by customers like you on our website, I felt it was a good time to discuss how the Shopping List helps them place orders faster and save time in their busy days.

The most common use for the Shopping List is for compiling products which you order on a regular basis (every week, every month, every X period of time…), such as anesthetic, burs, gloves, or universal composites. Regardless of the type of product, you can utilize the Shopping List to “save” your item, along with the quantity of that item you usually purchase. You can even organize your list based on your standard order, or by procedure – and there is no limit to the number of lists you can create.

Once you begin using it, the ease of having a Shopping List available at your fingertips is invaluable. Every time you come to Safco’s website and log into your account, your Shopping Lists follow you around the website. Need to add a product to a Shopping List? No problem – either locate the product within the website search or product details page and add it from there by clicking “Add to List”. Or, go directly to your Shopping List if you know the item number and add the product there. It’s that easy.

What’s even better is that we take care of the maintenance for you, most importantly keeping up-to-date prices for each product in your Shopping List. That way, you know you are always getting Safco’s everyday low price no matter how you order from us.

Now what about if orders need to be approved by another member of the staff or by the doctor? Or what if you need a hard copy of your regularly ordered products? Go ahead and print or email your Shopping List with a simple click. Plus, you’ll see the date that you last purchased each item to make it easier for you to tell when you need to reorder.

With the Shopping List from Safco, your dental supply ordering can be even easier and more efficient than before. This free tool allows you to organize your ordering in a way that keeps your supplies in check while ensuring that your costs are kept low. Give the Shopping List a try today – once you do, you won’t want to go back to ordering dental supplies any other way.

Steven Murovannyy
eCommerce Manager
Safco Dental Supply

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