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Dental Waxes

Image for Aluwax™ denture wax
Aluwax™ denture wax

A unique dental wax material containing powdered aluminum to increase the integrity of the compound...

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Image for Wax Remover
Wax Remover

Safe, effective and fast acting wax remover contains only natural ingredients. Free from harsh solvents...

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Image for Hygenic® U-shaped occlusal rims
Hygenic® U-shaped occlusal rims

Pink wax blocks used to set denture teeth after heating. The recessed base aids in...

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Image for Hygenic® bite wafers
Hygenic® bite wafers

Blue, foil-laminated: Aluminum foil is laminated between two U-shaped layers of soft bite wax. Lessens...

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Image for Hygenic® utility wax strips/square ropes
Hygenic® utility wax strips/square ropes

Round strips are especially useful for preserving the periphery roll, extending and building up impression...

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Image for Hygenic® orthodontic tray wax strips
Hygenic® orthodontic tray wax strips

The Hygenic orthodontic tray wax sticks are used for peripheral lining of trays, increasing tray...

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Image for Hygenic® base plate wax
Hygenic® base plate wax

Sheets of wax used for arranging teeth, waxing-up, and taking bite and quadrant checks. Medium...

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Image for Hygenic® boxing wax
Hygenic® boxing wax

Designed for boxing impressions, it withstands the extreme heat given off by dental stone during...

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Image for Hygenic® plastic wax sticks
Hygenic® plastic wax sticks

View Hygenic® plastic wax sticks

Image for Kerr occlusal indicator wax
Kerr occlusal indicator wax

A superior indicator to define occlusal prematurities with a positive reading of contacting surfaces. Forest...

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Image for Kerr sticky wax
Kerr sticky wax

For use in set-up for soldering matrix and attaching sprue gates. Burnt orange color, low...

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Image for Keystone sticky wax
Keystone sticky wax

Yellow wax sticks used to hold or weld materials or pieces together, and to connect...

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Image for Keystone utility wax
Keystone utility wax

3/16" diameter red wax ropes especially suited for build up and post-damming purposes.

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Image for Modern Materials<sup>®</sup> boxing wax
Modern Materials® boxing wax

For boxing impressions. Soft and pliable. Red color.

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Image for Surgident<sup>®</sup> periphery wax
Surgident® periphery wax

Specially formulated for hydrocolloid impressions. Tacky but not greasy. Adheres easily to trays.

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Image for Modern Materials<sup>®</sup> utility wax strips and ropes
Modern Materials® utility wax strips and ropes

For border molding impression trays and beading impressions to preserve the peripheral roll. Tacky but not...

View Modern Materials® utility wax strips and ropes

Image for Ortho patient wax
Ortho patient wax

Oraline patient wax soothes and comforts irritated tissue. Applies easily and adheres to brackets and...

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Image for GUM<sup>®</sup> Orthodontic wax
GUM® Orthodontic wax

Pre-cut wax cubes with vitamin E relieve irritated tissue by adhering to orthodontic braces, wires,...

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Image for Ortho wax - mint
Ortho wax - mint

Refreshing mint-scented clear wax provides patients soothing relief from discomfort that may be caused by...

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Image for Hard Casting Wax
Hard Casting Wax

Wax sticks compounded to produce the finest inlays. Can be flowed in the liquid state,...

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Image for Life-Like Presentation Wax
Life-Like Presentation Wax

White enamel-like wax for a more esthetic case presentation. Hardness assures easy carving properties, and...

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