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Oral Surgery Supplies: Sutures & Surgical Blades

Safco Dental is dedicated to providing dental professionals with a comprehensive selection of high-quality products essential for successful surgical procedures. From bone grafting and tissue augmentation materials to cold packs, IV fluids, and more, our range of products covers all aspects of dental surgery. With our reliable and precise instruments and materials, you can confidently perform surgical procedures while ensuring optimal patient comfort and excellent clinical outcomes. Explore our collection and equip your practice with the tools you need for successful dental surgeries.

Our Line of Dental Surgical Supplies & Instruments:

  • Bone grafting / tissue augmentation: Safco Dental Supply offers a range of products for bone grafting and tissue augmentation procedures. These materials aid in promoting bone regeneration and enhancing tissue volume and density for successful implant placements and periodontal procedures.

  • Cold packs: Our selection of cold packs provides a convenient and effective method for reducing post-operative swelling and discomfort. These packs are designed to provide targeted cold therapy to the affected area, promoting faster healing and patient comfort.

  • IV fluids and administration sets: Safco Dental Supply offers a variety of IV fluids and administration sets necessary for surgical dental procedures. These products ensure safe and efficient delivery of fluids, medications, and nutrients to patients during surgical procedures and post-operative care.

  • Periodontal dressings: We provide periodontal dressings designed to protect surgical sites and promote healing after periodontal procedures. These dressings aid in reducing post-operative discomfort, protecting the surgical area from bacteria and debris, and enhancing patient comfort during the healing process.

  • Surgical blades and scalpels: Our collection of surgical blades and scalpels offers precise cutting instruments for various dental and oral surgical procedures. These high-quality instruments are designed to ensure sharpness and accuracy, allowing for precise tissue incisions and minimal trauma during surgeries.

  • Surgical medicaments and packing: Safco Dental Supply offers a range of surgical medicaments and packing materials that aid in promoting healing and managing post-operative conditions. These products may include antiseptics, analgesics, hemostatic agents, and wound dressings, which are essential for successful surgical outcomes.

  • Dental Suture needles: Our selection of dental suture needles provides dental professionals with the necessary tools for suturing and wound closure. These needles are available in various sizes and types to accommodate different tissue types and suturing techniques.

Dental Sutures: We offer a wide range of dental sutures, including absorbable and non-absorbable options, designed for secure wound closure and optimal healing. Our sutures like the Safco SureStitch Sutures, that suit various surgical procedures and patient needs.

Image for Safco SureStitch™ sutures
Safco SureStitch™ sutures

Extra sharp cutting edges on the needle reduce tissue drag and produce a precise, smooth...

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Safco Dental Supply's collection of dental sutures and surgical blades provides the essential tools and materials for successful surgical procedures. From bone grafting to suturing, our comprehensive range of products ensures precision, quality, and patient comfort. Choose Safco Dental Supply for your dental surgical needs and experience excellence in dental care.


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