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Image for Zirc Steri-Bur Guard
Zirc Steri-Bur Guard

Adjustable height bur caddy for instrument protection during ultrasonic cleaning and sterilization. Drain holes help...

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Image for Zirc magnetic bur blocks
Zirc magnetic bur blocks

Magnetic, autoclavable bur blocks with non-slip feet for stability. Accepts FG, RA and HP burs....

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Image for Zirc Pellet Dispensers
Zirc Pellet Dispensers

Designed for easy storage and dispensing of pellets. Allows comfortable access from your countertop at chairside. Spring...

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Image for Insti-Dam®

Compact rubber dam with a built-in flexible frame that fits outside the patient's mouth. Pre-punched...

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Image for Dispos-A-Screen

Color-coded disposable traps produced with antimicrobial protection.

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Image for Mr. Thirsty™ One-Step
Mr. Thirsty™ One-Step

Hands-free suction device lets dentists and hygienists work continuously without repeated use of a saliva...

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Image for E-Z ID Tape
E-Z ID Tape

Instrument ID tape in bright neon colors. Autoclavable tape is ¼" wide. Each 10' roll...

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Image for E-Z ID Rings
E-Z ID Rings

Soft silicone rings prepackaged in an easy-to-use dispenser.  Autoclavable up to 275°F.  Vibrant assorted colors....

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Image for Zirc procedure tubs
Zirc procedure tubs

Recommended for use as a portable operatory drawer. Transport materials from the storage/sterilization area to...

View Zirc procedure tubs

Image for Zirc setup tray system
Zirc setup tray system

B-Lok Flat Tray and Mini Trays provide a safe way to transport instrument pouches and/or...

View Zirc setup tray system

Image for Zirc lab pans
Zirc lab pans

Organizes and transports impressions, models, dentures, crowns and bridges, or appliances from the operatory to the...

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Image for CAD/CAM Block Organizer™
CAD/CAM Block Organizer™

Labeled storage system designed to help organize milling blocks in your existing cabinetry drawers. Can...

View CAD/CAM Block Organizer™

Image for Mirror Magic™
Mirror Magic™

Prevents fogging on mouth mirrors and offers a quick method for removing mirror debris during...

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Image for Zirc Crystal HD® Microsurgical Mirrors
Zirc Crystal HD® Microsurgical Mirrors

Zirc offers the most brilliant and quality mouth mirror lens on the market today. The...

View Zirc Crystal HD® Microsurgical Mirrors

Image for Crystal HD<sup>®</sup> Double-Sided Mirror
Crystal HD® Double-Sided Mirror

Reduces eye strain because the lens is much brighter and clearer than a standard rhodium...

View Crystal HD® Double-Sided Mirror

Image for Zirc Crystal HD® front surface mirrors
Zirc Crystal HD® front surface mirrors

The Crystal HD front surface mirror provides an exceptionally bright, color-correct, shadow-free image that is...

View Zirc Crystal HD® front surface mirrors

Image for Denture bath boxes - Zirc
Denture bath boxes - Zirc

Denture boxes are great for keeping dentures, partials, sleep appliances, and bite guards safe when...

View Denture bath boxes - Zirc

Image for Retainer boxes - Zirc
Retainer boxes - Zirc

Extra-heavy, sturdy construction with a solid locking mechanism. Available in 1" or 1 1/2" deep boxes. Retainer...

View Retainer boxes - Zirc

Image for Mighty Mixer Bowls
Mighty Mixer Bowls

Single-use disposable mixing bowls. Free-standing for use with or without another mixing bowl. May be...

View Mighty Mixer Bowls

Image for Crystal HD<sup>®</sup> Thin Grip mirrors
Crystal HD® Thin Grip mirrors

Reduces eye strain since the lens is much brighter and clearer than a standard rhodium...

View Crystal HD® Thin Grip mirrors

Image for Crystal HD® Soft Grip mirrors
Crystal HD® Soft Grip mirrors

The Crystal HD mirror provides an exceptionally bright, color-correct, shadow-free image that is 40% brighter than standard Rhodium....

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Image for Steri-Endo Guard
Steri-Endo Guard

Organize your instruments for use during the procedure and keep them safe during the sterilization...

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Image for Saliva ejector screens - Zirc
Saliva ejector screens - Zirc

Plastic disposable saliva ejector screens with antimicrobial protection. Fits all saliva ejectors.

View Saliva ejector screens - Zirc

Image for Pink Petal™
Pink Petal™

Disposable, single use device that slides onto any saliva ejector for hands-free suction, without additional...

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Image for E-Z ID Rings - Zirc
E-Z ID Rings - Zirc

Soft silicone rings prepackaged in an easy-to-use dispenser.  Autoclavable up to 275°F.  Vibrant assorted colors....

View E-Z ID Rings - Zirc

Image for Mighty Mixer Spatulas
Mighty Mixer Spatulas

Single-use disposable mixing spatulas. Dimensions: 7-5/16" x 3/16" x 1-1/4"

View Mighty Mixer Spatulas

Image for Performance Tool Organizer
Performance Tool Organizer

A deeper, roomier cassette made for large and specialty instruments. Use for surgical elevators and...

View Performance Tool Organizer

Image for E-Z Jett® cassette
E-Z Jett® cassette

Durable, autoclavable resin cassette designed for superior water flow and cleaning. Covers are attached to...

View E-Z Jett® cassette

Image for Steri-Container

Economy-priced, lightweight plastic cassette for use during ultrasonic and sterilization procedures. Perforated sides; hinged lid snaps shut. Produced with...

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