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Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> Ultimate waffle embossed bibs
Tidi® Ultimate waffle embossed bibs

Standard 18"W x 13"L size. 3 ply waffle-embossed tissue plus 1 ply plastic for greater...

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Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> Choice waffle embossed bibs
Tidi® Choice waffle embossed bibs

18"W x 13"L, 2 ply tissue, 1 ply plastic.

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Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> Chainless bibs
Tidi® Chainless bibs

Bibs with built-in ties, so you don''t need a bib chain. 18"W x 25"L. Blue...

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Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> waist-length endo bibs
Tidi® waist-length endo bibs

21"W x 29"L waist-length bibs for greater patient protection, especially during endo procedures. Blue color.

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Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> Everyday bibs
Tidi® Everyday bibs

18”W x 13"L, 2-ply tissue, 1-ply plastic, diamond embossed. An economical option for your most basic...

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Image for Tidi Products Contour Bibs
Tidi Products Contour Bibs

Highly absorbent Tidi contour bibs offer poly-backed barrier protection with a contour neck cutout. The...

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Image for TidiShield™ curing light sleeves
TidiShield™ curing light sleeves

Custom-fit SureCure Window™ optimizes light output for confident cures.Unique individually wrapped, easy-peel outer wrapping protects inner...

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Image for TidiShield™ x-ray sensor sheaths.
TidiShield™ x-ray sensor sheaths.

Latex-free sensor sheaths in sizes customized to fit various sensor brands and sizes. Durable to...

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Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> Fabricel<sup>®</sup> headrest covers
Tidi® Fabricel® headrest covers

Deluxe white headrest covers feature a crepe-like texture that makes them feel like cloth. 1-ply...

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Image for TidiShield™ intraoral camera covers
TidiShield™ intraoral camera covers

Clear plastic disposable sleeves with removable paper backing to aid insertion of sensor into the sleeve....

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Image for Omnisorb® II
Omnisorb® II

Non-woven sponge features a close weave configuration for maximum absorbency. 48 gram weight. 70% rayon, 30%...

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Image for TidiShield<sup>®</sup> Grab 'n Go™ Eye Shields in tower dispenser
TidiShield® Grab 'n Go™ Eye Shields in tower dispenser

Disposable lightweight frames with optical-grade lenses for clarity. Pre-assembled clear acrylic tower dispenser contains 25...

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Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> Choice tray covers
Tidi® Choice tray covers

A convenient infection prevention barrier.  Tray covers minimize noise and improves visibility of tools, burs...

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Image for Tidi® Products Tray Sleeves
Tidi® Products Tray Sleeves

Poly tray sleeve with convenient fold-over ends.

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Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> Venture<sup>®</sup>
Tidi® Venture®

These sponges are unfilled – there is no wisp of cotton between the woven plies....

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