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Image for GUM Super Tip bundle
GUM Super Tip bundle

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Image for GUM<sup>®</sup> Travel Toohbrush Bundle
GUM® Travel Toohbrush Bundle

Each patient pack contains: 1 GUM Travel toothbrush 1 GUM ButlerWeave mint waxed floss 1...

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Image for GUM<sup>®</sup> Multi-Clean Toothbrush Bundle
GUM® Multi-Clean Toothbrush Bundle

GUM Multi-Clean toothbrushes feature bristles with a multi-level interdental cut and a medium head size...

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Image for GUM<sup>®</sup> Summit<sup>®</sup>+ Patient Pack Bundle
GUM® Summit®+ Patient Pack Bundle

The extreme taper of the Summit+ toothbrush is designed to reach deeper between teeth and...

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Image for GUM Technique Deep Clean bundle
GUM Technique Deep Clean bundle

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Image for GUM<sup>®</sup> Technique<sup>®</sup> Complete Care Bundle
GUM® Technique® Complete Care Bundle

The GUM Technique Complete Care toothbrush combines the benefits of the Quad-Grip® handle and the...

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Image for GUM® Super Tip patient pack
GUM® Super Tip patient pack

Raised bristles at the tip provide greater access to posterior regions and clean hard-to-reach surfaces....

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Image for GUM<sup>®</sup> Multi-Clean
GUM® Multi-Clean

GUM Dome Trim toothbrush is designed for effective plaque removal on tooth surfaces and below...

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Image for GUM® Technique® Deep Clean
GUM® Technique® Deep Clean

Adult toothbrushes. Extremely tapered bristles along with conventional bristle ends arranged in a bi-level pattern...

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Image for GUM® Summit®+
GUM® Summit®+

GUM Dome Trim toothbrush is designed for effective plaque removal on tooth surfaces and below...

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Image for GUM® Super Tip®
GUM® Super Tip®

Super Tip bristles clean hard-to-reach surfaces. Raised inner bristles of the Dome Trim® design gently...

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Image for GUM Technique Sensitive Care
GUM Technique Sensitive Care

Sensitive bristles are exceptionally gentle on gums and tissue. Quad-Grip® handle design positions the bristles at...

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Image for GUM® Post-Surgical toothbrush
GUM® Post-Surgical toothbrush

Ultra soft bristles makes this brush an ideal choice after oral surgery. Can also be...

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Image for <span lang=GUM® Dome Trim® " />
GUM® Dome Trim® 

GUM Dome Trim toothbrush is designed for effective plaque removal on tooth surfaces and below...

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Image for GUM® Tooth & Tongue
GUM® Tooth & Tongue

GUM Tooth & Tongue is a toothbrush on one side and a tongue cleaner on...

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Image for GUM® Classic
GUM® Classic

Dome Trim® design with soft bristles penetrates sulcus area for maximum plaque removal at any...

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Image for GUM® Technique® Complete Care
GUM® Technique® Complete Care

Special interdental trim and soft Dome Trim® bristles combine to offer a more thorough cleaning....

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Image for GUM® Monsterz Kids
GUM® Monsterz Kids

Small sized brush head and ergonomic handle designed for younger children. Suction cup base holds...

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Image for GUM® Crayola™ Marker Metallics
GUM® Crayola™ Marker Metallics

Soft bristles with an easy to grip handle. Suction base is fun for kids, reduces...

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Image for GUM® Super Tip® for tweens
GUM® Super Tip® for tweens

Super Tip bristles clean hard-to-reach surfaces. Raised inner bristles of the Dome Trim® design gently...

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Image for GUM<sup>®</sup> Technique Kids
GUM® Technique Kids

Quad-Grip® handle allows positioning of toothbrush at a 45° angle in all 4 quadrants of...

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Image for GUM® Monsterz Junior
GUM® Monsterz Junior

Features fun, friendly monster design to engage children. Suction cup base holds the brush upright...

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Image for GUM® Barbie™ Manual Toothbrush
GUM® Barbie™ Manual Toothbrush

Excite your young patients to brush with greatness. Give them the fun and functional GUM...

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Image for GUM® Crayola™ Travel Toothbrush
GUM® Crayola™ Travel Toothbrush

Travel version of the popular GUM Crayola marker toothbrush. Stay-clean vented cap keeps bristles dry,...

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Image for GUM® Crayola™ Pip-Squeaks™
GUM® Crayola™ Pip-Squeaks™

Ultra soft bristles on a narrow, tapered head with a suction cup base to help...

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Image for GUM® Crayola™ Deep Clean
GUM® Crayola™ Deep Clean

Compact head and ultra-soft tapered bristles reach farther between teeth for a better clean. Thumb...

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Image for GUM® Denture Brush
GUM® Denture Brush

Flat trim and firm nylon design effectively clean denture surfaces. Lever grip reduces effort for...

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Image for GUM® Red-Cote®
GUM® Red-Cote®

Highlights harmful bacterial plaque on tooth surfaces and shows the patient areas where more brushing...

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Image for GUM® End Tuft toothbrush
GUM® End Tuft toothbrush

Small brush head specialty toothbrush addresses special maintenance concerns including orthodontic bands, furcations, implants, distal...

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Image for GUM® ButlerWeave® floss
GUM® ButlerWeave® floss

Woven design effectively removes plaque between teeth and below gumline. Clinically proven to reduce gingivitis...

View GUM® ButlerWeave® floss

Image for GUM® Expanding floss
GUM® Expanding floss

Expands during use to provide more cleaning surface to grab plaque. Textured nylon fibers expand...

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Image for GUM<sup>®</sup> Dual-Defense™ Twisted Floss
GUM® Dual-Defense™ Twisted Floss

A unique twist on dental floss for a highly effective and distinctly refreshing experience. Patent-pending...

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Image for GUM® Fine floss
GUM® Fine floss

Thin, shred resistant floss for cleaning between tightly spaced teeth and below the gumline. Special...

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Image for Flossmate® handle
Flossmate® handle

Reusable floss handles have long curved fingers that allow access to posterior teeth. Floss not...

View Flossmate® handle

Image for GUM® Eez-Thru® Floss Threader
GUM® Eez-Thru® Floss Threader

Flexible thin nylon loop helps patients thread floss through spaces where most other products cannot...

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Image for GUM® EasyThread™ floss
GUM® EasyThread™ floss

For patients with braces, bridges or implants. Dual-end threader sections provide easy access and ideal stiffness without irritating...

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Image for GUM® Flossers
GUM® Flossers

Sturdy ergonomic handles, pre-threaded with G•U•M Eez-Thru® floss. Slides easily between teeth and resists shredding,...

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Image for GUM® Professional Clean Plus Floss Picks
GUM® Professional Clean Plus Floss Picks

Easy, convenient way to floss, plus a specially designed rubber pick that gently massages gums...

View GUM® Professional Clean Plus Floss Picks

Image for GUM Twisted Mint Floss Picks
GUM Twisted Mint Floss Picks

Twisted Mint Floss Picks make flossing easy by using premium, shred-resistant floss that does not break...

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Image for GUM® Dual Technique® Flossers
GUM® Dual Technique® Flossers

Two flossers in one for front-to-back clean. Twisted plaque-grabbing floss removes more plaque than leading...

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Image for GUM® Crayola™ Kids' Flossers
GUM® Crayola™ Kids' Flossers

Colorful fun shaped flossers encourage children to floss. Easy to hold in kid-sized hands; narrow...

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Image for GUM® Proxabrush® Trav-Ler®
GUM® Proxabrush® Trav-Ler®

Compact, convenient, pocket-sized Trav-Ler requires no loading. Ventilated cap protects the interdental brush and can...

View GUM® Proxabrush® Trav-Ler®

Image for GUM® Soft-Picks® Advanced
GUM® Soft-Picks® Advanced

A longer handle and curved design Soft-Pick to more easily clean between back teeth and...

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Image for GUM® Soft-Picks®
GUM® Soft-Picks®

An easy alternative for patients who find flossing to be too cumbersome: A clinical study...

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Image for GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® handles and refills
GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® handles and refills

Tapered brushes remove plaque between teeth and around bridges, braces, crowns, and implants. Nylon filaments...

View GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® handles and refills

Image for GUM Soft-Picks Wider Spaces
GUM Soft-Picks Wider Spaces

A 25% wider Soft-Pick for larger tooth spaces. Effective, easy-to-use interdental cleaners that gently dislodge...

View GUM Soft-Picks Wider Spaces

Image for GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® Angle
GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® Angle

Contra angle design helps reach and clean difficult spaces. Helps patients maintain healthy gingiva, and...

View GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® Angle

Image for GUM<sup>®</sup> Soft-Picks<sup>®</sup> Comfort Flex
GUM® Soft-Picks® Comfort Flex

Gentle, easy-to-use dental picks that can lead to better compliance and oral care. Compared to...

View GUM® Soft-Picks® Comfort Flex

Image for GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® Cleaners
GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® Cleaners

Interdental cleaner ideal for patients with healthy gingiva, dental restorations, orthodontics, or those who have trouble...

View GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® Cleaners

Image for GUM® Stimulator
GUM® Stimulator

Firm rubber stimulator for gingival massage and interproximal cleaning. Handle is made of anodized aluminum...

View GUM® Stimulator

Image for GUM® Crayola™ Pip-Squeaks patient pack
GUM® Crayola™ Pip-Squeaks patient pack

Ultra soft bristles with a narrow, tapered toothbrush head feature a fun suction cup base....

View GUM® Crayola™ Pip-Squeaks patient pack

Image for GUM<sup>®</sup> Crayola Deep Clean Bundle
GUM® Crayola Deep Clean Bundle

Each patient pack contains:• 1 GUM Crayola Deep Clean Kids’ toothbrush • 1 GUM ButlerWeave...

View GUM® Crayola Deep Clean Bundle

Image for GUM® Crayola™ Metallics Marker patient pack
GUM® Crayola™ Metallics Marker patient pack

Metallic colors make brushing exciting. For kids ages 6-10.

View GUM® Crayola™ Metallics Marker patient pack

Image for GUM® Orthodontic toothbrush
GUM® Orthodontic toothbrush

“V” trim soft specialty toothbrush facilitates cleaning around orthodontic appliances such as brackets, arch wires,...

View GUM® Orthodontic toothbrush

Image for GUM<sup>®</sup> Orthodontic Kits
GUM® Orthodontic Kits

Orthodontic care kits give your patients an assortment of products they can use at home.

View GUM® Orthodontic Kits

Image for GUM<sup>®</sup> Sonic Power Toothbrush
GUM® Sonic Power Toothbrush

The GUM Sonic Power toothbrush features a sonic motion and soft, ultra-tapered bristles that are...

View GUM® Sonic Power Toothbrush

Image for Duropro®

Low-profile cup provides strength for effective cleaning and stain removal, minimizing hand fatigue. Not made with natural rubber...

View Duropro®

Image for Prophyciency™

Cleans and polishes without paste. Polishing and cleaning agents are incorporated into the cup to provide superior stain removal...

View Prophyciency™

Image for EEZ-Touch

Soft cushion grip reduces bothersome vibrations, and lessens hand and finger fatigue. Dimpled housing makes...

View EEZ-Touch

Image for GUM Dual-Action Tongue Cleaner
GUM Dual-Action Tongue Cleaner

Dual-action tongue cleaner helps remove plaque, bacteria, and food particles known to cause bad breath, tooth...

View GUM Dual-Action Tongue Cleaner

Image for GUM<sup>®</sup> Orthodontic wax
GUM® Orthodontic wax

Pre-cut wax cubes with vitamin E relieve irritated tissue by adhering to orthodontic braces, wires,...

View GUM® Orthodontic wax