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Image for Roydent™ Tapered Paper Points
Roydent™ Tapered Paper Points

Hand-rolled with color-coded ends Available in sterile cell packs Matches .04 and .06 rotary instruments

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Image for Zipperer barbed broaches
Zipperer barbed broaches

Pre-sterilized, 21mm length.

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Image for Roydent Micro-Surgical forceps
Roydent Micro-Surgical forceps

View Roydent Micro-Surgical forceps

Image for Roydent™ Gates Glidden Drills
Roydent™ Gates Glidden Drills

Enlarges coronal and middle portions of canal through bulk removal of tooth structure Easy identification...

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Image for Roydent™ Tapered Gutta Percha
Roydent™ Tapered Gutta Percha

Pure, high-quality raw materials. Hand-rolled with color-coded ends. Allows for single cone obturation Excellent x-ray...

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Image for Roydent™ Gutta Percha
Roydent™ Gutta Percha

High quality gutta percha. Uniformly machine-rolled with flattened ends. Excellent x-ray visibility Ideal elasticity to...

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Image for Roydent C-Files
Roydent C-Files

Stainless steel files that are stiffer than standard files. Negotiates calcified canals with ease. Non-cutting...

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Image for Roydent™ Flexi-Cut Files
Roydent™ Flexi-Cut Files

Triangular cross section creates larger chip space for debris removal Three sharp edges for maximum...

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Image for Roydent™ K-Files
Roydent™ K-Files

Features & Benefits:Pre-applied silicone stops, color coded by length:     19mm - Blue  ...

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Image for Roydent™ K-Reamers
Roydent™ K-Reamers

Pre-applied silicone stops, color-coded by length: 21mm - White, 25mm - Yellow, 28mm - Red,...

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Image for Roydent hedstrom files
Roydent hedstrom files

View Roydent hedstrom files

Image for CL Canal Lubricant
CL Canal Lubricant

The C.L. Canal Lubricant pipettes chelate the root canal walls and assist in enlarging canals...

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Image for Endo-Cleanse

Endo-Cleanse is a chelating agent that functions in the aid of softening and instrumentation of...

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