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Image for Richmond cotton pellets
Richmond cotton pellets

Bulk non-sterile cotton pellets available in a variety of sizes (diameters).

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Image for Reflective Shields Plus®
Reflective Shields Plus®

Reflective Shields Plus are exceptionally popular with both dentists and patients. They are uniquely crafted...

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Image for Richmond wrapped cotton rolls
Richmond wrapped cotton rolls

100% cotton interior wrapped in non-woven fabric. #2 medium, non-sterile rolls.

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Image for Richmond Econo Rolls
Richmond Econo Rolls

An economical choice for a versatile all cotton #2 medium, non-braided roll. (1½" x 3/8" diameter)....

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Image for Richmond braided cotton rolls
Richmond braided cotton rolls

100% braided cotton rolls are bonded with silky yarn preventing them from sticking to the...

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Image for Richmond Dental and Medical Cotton Tipped Applicators
Richmond Dental and Medical Cotton Tipped Applicators

Cotton tipped applicators are useful when applying medicaments or in general wound care. Even products...

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Image for Richmond sterile sponge
Richmond sterile sponge

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Image for Path-O-Guard™ Anti-Fluid
Path-O-Guard™ Anti-Fluid

ASTM Level 3 earloop face mask. These 3-ply high-barrier masks are fiberglass free and are...

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Image for SteriPocket®

Individual sterilized packets of 2 (8-ply) rayon/poly sponges. Perfect for dispensing to patients after an...

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Image for Richmond non-woven sponges
Richmond non-woven sponges

Economical and lint-free non-woven sponges. Will not leave fibers in dental work or residue on...

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Image for Richmond 100% cotton sponges
Richmond 100% cotton sponges

More absorbent, absolutely no lint. Non-sterile.

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