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Modern Materials (Kulzer)

Image for Die-Keen®

High strength but not brittle, for dies and crown & bridge work. Compressive strength: 18,000...

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Image for Modern Materials<sup>®</sup> boxing wax
Modern Materials® boxing wax

For boxing impressions. Soft and pliable. Red color.

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Image for Labstone

All-purpose lab stone for reliable, consistent results. Compressive strength: 8,000 psi. Initial set time: 8-10...

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Image for Denstone<sup>®</sup>

High strength, easy mixing stone flows freely to capture the finest impression detail. Ideal for...

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Image for Ortho Plaster
Ortho Plaster

Velvet-smooth models set harder than ordinary plaster making this material ideal for orthodontic casts and...

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Image for Lab plaster
Lab plaster

Most popular Modern Materials plaster. Compressive strength: 5,000 psi Initial set times:       ...

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