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Kerr Rotary

Image for NTI® CeraGlaze®
NTI® CeraGlaze®

Diamond impregnated polishing system restores natural shine to porcelain and eliminates re-firing. Autoclavable. The natural...

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Image for NTI® Acrylics
NTI® Acrylics

Silicone polishers for chairside adjustments on acrylic without the use of pumice and rag wheels....

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Image for Kerr Rotary bur blocks
Kerr Rotary bur blocks

Autoclavable, anodized aluminum bur blocks. Swivel top holds instruments in place during autoclaving or storage.

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Image for NTI<sup>®</sup> universal cutters
NTI® universal cutters

Sharp, precision ground tungsten carbide blades with stainless steel shanks to ensure concentricity. Cuts smoothly...

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Image for NTI<sup>®</sup> carbide burs
NTI® carbide burs

These two-piece carbides are welded, not soldered, for added strength and more precise cutting action....

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Image for NTI<sup>®</sup> Razor and Razor Prep carbide burs
NTI® Razor and Razor Prep carbide burs

Razor burs - For rapid reduction of amalgam, porcelain, metal and tooth structure. Transversing tip and...

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Image for NTI<sup>®</sup> Composite T&F burs
NTI® Composite T&F burs

Formerly sold as MW series burs. Designed to provide a smooth finish on composite, amalgam,...

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Image for NTI<sup>®</sup> Razor Sculpt™ T&F burs
NTI® Razor Sculpt™ T&F burs

One-step trim-and-finish bur responds to a feather touch and leaves an exceptionally smooth surface.  Optimized...

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Image for NTI<sup>®</sup> TDF™ series (trim, define, finish) burs
NTI® TDF™ series (trim, define, finish) burs

Straight bladed design for "streak-free" finishing of composites.  Safe ended. Kerr specialty diamonds utilize the...

View NTI® TDF™ series (trim, define, finish) burs

Image for NTI<sup>®</sup> T&F burs
NTI® T&F burs

Multibladed one-piece carbides for optimal trimming and finishing.

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Image for NTI<sup>®</sup> OA series (occlusal anatomy) burs
NTI® OA series (occlusal anatomy) burs

Spiral bladed carbides with shapes ideally suited for occlusal anatomy.

View NTI® OA series (occlusal anatomy) burs

Image for ProGloss™

One-step polishing system for all types of composite restorations. Can be used in wet or...

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Image for NTI Silicone Polishers
NTI Silicone Polishers

For acrylics, alloys, semi-precious metals, NTI® Polishers are for adjusting and polishing on ceramics, composites, acrylics,...

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Image for PDQ2™ Composite Polishing
PDQ2™ Composite Polishing

Single step polishers in cup, point and disc shapes. Diamond impregnated to achieve the desired...

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Image for NTI® diamond discs
NTI® diamond discs

View NTI® diamond discs

Image for BluWhite Diamonds™
BluWhite Diamonds™

BluWhite's unique dual density diamond deposition process produces a diamond with more cutting edges exposed,...

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Image for NTI HP (handpiece) diamonds
NTI HP (handpiece) diamonds

KaVo Kerr NTI® Handpiece Diamonds combine a comprehensive selection, strict adherence to ISO certification standards...

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Image for NTI® FG Nano Prep™ diamonds
NTI® FG Nano Prep™ diamonds

Nano | Prep™ Diamonds are specifically designed for conservative and minimally invasive dentistry. The nano sized heads...

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Image for NTI® FG diamonds
NTI® FG diamonds

KaVo Kerr NTI® Diamonds combine a comprehensive selection, strict adherence to ISO certification standards and...

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Image for NTI® Zir-Cut™ diamonds
NTI® Zir-Cut™ diamonds

The exclusive Z-Grit diamond and bonding technology prevents micro-fractures and helps the dentist and lab technician work...

View NTI® Zir-Cut™ diamonds

Image for NTI® Logic Sets - diamonds
NTI® Logic Sets - diamonds

Logic sets contain the essential instruments necessary to achieve optimal results in preparing, finishing and...

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Image for NTI FG R.A.P.T.O.R.diamonds
NTI FG R.A.P.T.O.R.diamonds

These diamonds are the original and ideal for creating beautiful and precise planes in occlusal...

View NTI FG R.A.P.T.O.R.diamonds

Image for NTI® FG Turbo diamonds
NTI® FG Turbo diamonds

Super Coarse Turbo Diamonds have a “diamond-free cooling zone” allowing water flow for cooling and...

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Image for NTI<sup>®</sup> Peeso reamers
NTI® Peeso reamers

NTI Peeso reamers are German made, high quality stainless-steel reamers that are available in two...

View NTI® Peeso reamers

Image for NTI<sup>®</sup> Gates Glidden drills
NTI® Gates Glidden drills

View NTI® Gates Glidden drills

Image for NTI Mandrels
NTI Mandrels

Mandrel adapters make it easy to turn your FG (friction grip) instrument into HP (handpiece)...

View NTI Mandrels

Image for Achromat™ Fiber Posts
Achromat™ Fiber Posts

Translucent esthetic fiber posts. High fiber content (65%) provides greater flexural strength. Serrated post design...

View Achromat™ Fiber Posts

Image for SmartStrip™

For the interproximal reduction of enamel and restorative material through direct cutting and grinding. Finish...

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Image for Perforated diamond finishing strips
Perforated diamond finishing strips

Perforated stainless steel strips offer more control and improved visibility. Designed for interproximal reduction, breaking...

View Perforated diamond finishing strips

Image for NTI® Diamond Finishing Strips
NTI® Diamond Finishing Strips

Ultra-thin 0.008mm strips for finishing enamel and restorative materials. Made of stainless steel to resist...

View NTI® Diamond Finishing Strips

Image for Soft Tissue Trimmer
Soft Tissue Trimmer

FG bur designed for soft tissue surgery. Can be used as an alternative to electrosurgery...

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Image for Diamond-Zyme™

Concentrated enzymatic solution with anticorrosive additives. Can be used as a holding or pre-soak solution,...

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