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Image for Jordco® e-Dx®
Jordco® e-Dx®

The e-Dx instrument is the next generation in endodontic diagnostic instruments. This instrument can easily cold...

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Image for EndoGel®

EndoGel endodontic lubricant is formulated to aid in the negotiation of root canals by endodontic...

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Image for Pure Bond Dispenser
Pure Bond Dispenser

Disposable, multi-purpose, light protected storage wells for bonding agents and composites.  This efficient device can...

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Image for Jordco® e-Ruler Reduced Glare
Jordco® e-Ruler Reduced Glare

The reduced glare black color lessens head lamp glare while operating with surgical telescopes. The...

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Image for Jordco® e-Foam®
Jordco® e-Foam®

Jordco® e-Foam® insert is the standard for all clinicians who perform endodontic procedures. Our patented foam...

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Image for Jordco® e-Ruler®
Jordco® e-Ruler®

The laser etched Jordco e-Ruler instrument is worn on the clinician’s finger. The e-Ruler product...

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Image for Jordco® e-Foam® Rotary HD
Jordco® e-Foam® Rotary HD

Jordco e-Foam Rotary HD (High Density) inserts are specially designed for cleaning rotary instruments. A...

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Image for EndoRing® II - Jordco®
EndoRing® II - Jordco®

Directly place, store, measure and clean endo instruments within the operating field. Reduces the risk...

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Image for EndoRing® FileCaddy®
EndoRing® FileCaddy®

Bulk storage solution for endodontic files with four compartments to organize files by size or...

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Image for Jordco® EndoRing® (Original)
Jordco® EndoRing® (Original)

The Original EndoRing® organizer enables the clinician to directly place, store, measure and clean endodontic...

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