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Dentsply Caulk

Image for Algin-X™ Ultra Deca
Algin-X™ Ultra Deca

ATTENTION: Algin-X Ultra Deca cartridges have a new design that only works with the new...

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Image for Prisma® VLC Dycal®
Prisma® VLC Dycal®

Light cured calcium hydroxide base.Note: Prisma VLC Dycal has a 1-year shelf life. You can...

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Image for Dycal®

Radiopaque calcium hydroxide composition is a rigid, self-setting material useful in pulp-capping, and as a...

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Image for Regisil® 2X™
Regisil® 2X™

ATTENTION: Regisil 2X cartridges have a new design that only works with the new specially...

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Image for Regisil<sup>®</sup> Rigid
Regisil® Rigid

ATTENTION: Regisil Rigid cartridges have a new design that only works with the new specially...

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Image for Regisil® PB™
Regisil® PB™

ATTENTION: Regisil PB cartridges have a new design that only works with the new specially...

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Image for Xeno® IV
Xeno® IV

Dual-cured, self etching and self priming dental adhesive designed to bond composite materials to enamel...

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Image for Prime&Bond active<sup>®</sup>
Prime&Bond active®

Universal bond designed for all etching methods and indications. Features patented Active-Guard™ technology to actively...

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Image for Dentsply Caulk Dispensing Gun
Dentsply Caulk Dispensing Gun

View Dentsply Caulk Dispensing Gun

Image for Dyract® Flow
Dyract® Flow

Easy-handling flowable compomer. Excellent adaptation to tooth structure. Optimal flexural modulus for cushioning under Class II’s....

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Image for Dyract® Extra
Dyract® Extra

Universal light-cured compomer restorative with a less tacky handling property and extended working time for...

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Image for Surefil™

High density posterior restorative. Wears equal to or better than amalgam. Packs, carves, handles like amalgam.

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Image for QuiXX®

Fast, clinically effective posterior restorative that combines amalgam-like wear resistance with virtually no shrinkage. Outstanding depth...

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Image for Compules® Tips Gun - Dentsply Caulk
Compules® Tips Gun - Dentsply Caulk

The Compules Tips Gun from Dentsply Chalk is a delivery accessory designed to be used...

View Compules® Tips Gun - Dentsply Caulk

Image for FluoroCore® 2+
FluoroCore® 2+

Dual cure core build-up material provides a 3mm depth of cure in 20 seconds and stackable...

View FluoroCore® 2+

Image for Smartlite® Focus
Smartlite® Focus

Cordless pen-style LED curing light designed with features to maximize the success of your restorations...

View Smartlite® Focus

Image for Calm-It™

Glutaraldehyde-based desensitizer that delivers a fast and effective treatment for the prevention of dentinal hypersensitivity....

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Image for 34% Tooth Conditioner Gel
34% Tooth Conditioner Gel

34% phosphoric acid etching gel, tinted blue.

View 34% Tooth Conditioner Gel

Image for First Bite™ trays
First Bite™ trays

Disposable double arch trays. Rigid polystyrene tray construction to minimize distortion. Thin gauze webbing.

View First Bite™ trays

Image for Rim-Lock trays
Rim-Lock trays

Unique locking assures secure retention of material. Recommended for the putty wash technique and alginate impressions....

View Rim-Lock trays

Image for Automatrix®

Please note: this product is anticipated to be on backorder until July, 2024. We recommend substituting Palodent...

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Image for Tylok®-Plus™

Anhydrous polycarboxylate luting cement. Requires only water for mixing.

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Image for Comspan®

Fine particled Bis-GMA permanent cement. Especially useful for attaching resin bonded retainers (Maryland Bridge) via...

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Image for Fynal®

Polymer-reinforced zinc oxide-eugenol (ZOE) composition final cement for finished crowns, bridges, and inlays.

View Fynal®

Image for SmartCem2

Self-adhesive, dual-cure resin based cement. Provides excellent retentive and mechanical strengths with low film thickness...

View SmartCem2

Image for Prisma® Gloss™
Prisma® Gloss™

Fine-grit aluminum-oxide powder suspended in a glycerine base, designed to produce a natural looking finish on...

View Prisma® Gloss™

Image for FluroShield®

Visible light cure pit and fissure sealant that creates a chemical and mechanical bond to etched...

View FluroShield®

Image for ZOE B&T®

Eugenol-containing base and temporary filling material. May be used as temporary restoration for up to...

View ZOE B&T®

Image for IRM® Intermediate Restorative Material
IRM® Intermediate Restorative Material

Intermediate restorative material; ZOE with polymer reinforcement. Strength properties approach those of zinc phosphate cement;...

View IRM® Intermediate Restorative Material

Image for Caulk tray adhesives
Caulk tray adhesives

View Caulk tray adhesives

Image for Aquasil™ Ultra Cordless Deca
Aquasil™ Ultra Cordless Deca

A monumental breakthroughAquasil Ultra Cordless is the first and only impression system that does not require...

View Aquasil™ Ultra Cordless Deca

Image for Reprosil® 50ml cartridges
Reprosil® 50ml cartridges

ATTENTION: Reprosil catridges have a new design that only works with the new specially designed...

View Reprosil® 50ml cartridges

Image for Reprosil® Putty
Reprosil® Putty

Reprosil vinyl polysiloxane impression material is a degassed material with hydrophilic surface characteristics and excellent dimensional accuracy and detail. It is...

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