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Safco Service

Safco Service will repair and restore all models of air-driven handpieces, and provide a FREE estimate on electric and surgical handpieces.


Repairs include:

Fixing all major brands outside of their warranty.

6-month limited warranty.

Premium ceramic bearings.

Handpieces tested to meet original manufacturer specifications.

Quality service at competitive prices

High speed push button overall or new turbine – $198.75

High speed manual overhaul or new turbine – $163.50

High speed rebuild: – $124.25

Low speed rebuild overhaul – $193.75

Low speed attachment overhaul  – $155.25

*All listed pricing subject to increase depending on damage estimate.
Electric handpieces and surgical handpieces are based on estimate only

**Declined Repair Shipping & Handling Fee
Handpieces are returned to the customer via Ground, for a fee of $9.85, charged to customer account.

**Shipped from Safco Service to customer, subject to fuel surcharge.

How it works:

1. Add item #683-0003 to your cart – free of charge!


2. An insulated/protective shipping box, along with a shipping envelope, will be sent to your office with a service request form, a pre-paid shipping label, and a brochure inside.


3. Fill out the forms, place the forms and your handpiece(s) in the shipping box, place box in shipping envelope provided, adhere shipping label and…


4. Ship the box to Safco Service.

It's that easy.

Once your package is received, an estimate will be sent for approval (if requested on the order form). If no estimate is requested, work will begin upon receipt.


Your repaired handpiece will be returned in just 24-48 hours. All work GUARANTEED!

Please note:

Shipping boxes safely hold up to 6 handpieces. If you have more than 6 handpieces to repair, please order additional boxes.

Safco Service is for handpieces that are NOT under your current manufacturer warranty.

Overhaul service includes:

  • Replacement of old bearings with new premium bearings
  • Replacement of O-rings and necessary washers
  • Includes new gaskets
  • Replace and test spindle and chuck for concentricity
  • Test chuck to meet tension requirements
  • Test air pressure and torque
  • Clean out water leaks and clogged air lines
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Buff exterior shell
  • Lubricate bearings and chuck

Rebuild service includes:

  • Replacement of O-rings and necessary washers
  • Includes new gaskets
  • Replacement of old bearings with new premium bearings
  • Test air pressure and torque
  • Clean out water leaks and clogged air lines
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Buff exterior shell
  • Lubricate bearings and chuck


Can I order JUST the repair box?

Yes, we will ship the repair box alone if not with a complete order.

Who do I contact while my handpiece is being repaired?

Call our customer Service at 1-800-621-2178 and we will assist you with your questions.

What does a typical repair include?

Your precision dental handpiece has many parts, some of them wear out regularly such as the turbine from time and use, just like tires and belts on a car, while other parts can last longer, like an axle or a wheel. The internal bearings and O-rings wear out in proportion to use, autoclaving, and maintenance. We replace all needed parts on every repair including O-rings, bearings, gaskets, washers, spindles, chucks, loading springs, etc.

We provide Free Estimates on all makes and models.

Are there extra charges for the repairs?

Our technicians start by putting your handpiece through several tests including spindle concentricity and chuck tension tests. We then repair and replace the turbine. We do not normally have any extra charges for our repairs. We do everything the handpiece needs every time for the same price each time. You can count on our prices. In addition, our overhauls always include a FREE Clean, Oil, and Test of your handpiece. Beware of some facilities, although they boast HUGE facilities and LOW prices, they will nickel and dime you for every part and service.

What is the warranty on the repairs?

Safco Service/Revolvadent guarantees all handpiece repairs for 180 days. New handpieces for 360 days (full parts and labor). With proper maintenance and lubrication, your handpiece should continue to operate efficiently well beyond its warranty period.

Should I send the handpiece in when it makes a funny noise or vibration?

Yes, vibration or unusual sound from the handpiece can be the first signs that the handpiece needs service. Worn O-rings will cause air leaks and loss of rpm’s and reduced torque as well as increased vibration in your handpiece. One of the major results of O-ring failure is turbine failure, either in bearings or spindles. Failed bearings will cause the chuck to wobble and spin out of concentricity. These signs will become progressively worse and can result in severe damage to the head and even the shell of your handpiece if ignored. Also, don’t forget to have your worn out O-rings replaced on your quick disconnect couplers as they can cause loss of torque over time, too. It is better to have your handpiece inspected if you have any question, before any bearing, spindle, or other damage is done.

We provide Free Estimates on all makes and models.

What are LTL or Maintenance Free Bearings?

These bearings are available for MW Quiet Air, MW Tradition, Star Vista 430 and Advantage, Kavo, and some other models. Call for details about other models. MPB testing has shown that LTL bearings run quieter yet have the same torque as other bearings. These bearings are pre-lubed and shielded at the factory. They are designed to retain the lubricant throughout the life of the bearings.

**It is however our opinion that handpieces should still be purged or flushed periodically, preferably weekly, and that o-rings should be lubricated regularly. Dry O-rings cause poor performance. Spindles that are not purged with lubricant periodically have debris build up inside of its tracks that will cause those spindles to fail more rapidly due to damage caused by the debris build up. Resulting in spindles that either won’t hold a bur or seize up with a bur in the spindle.

Can you fix my old handpiece?

Yes, Safco Service/Revolvadent specializes in fixing old handpieces. We will do whatever it takes to keep your older model handpiece operating smoothly. When someone says they can’t fix it, let us take a look at it, if it is possible, we will let you know.

What other small equipment do you repair?

We service high speed and low speed handpieces, electrical and surgical handpieces. In the future, we will expand our service to ultrasonic scalers, curing lights and other small equipment, but they are not available at this time.