Free Shipping for Orders Over $100

Important Notice

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are experiencing unprecedented demand for infection control products such as masks, gloves, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer. Safco has taken the following actions to ensure supply to as many customers as possible:

  • We are working closely with manufacturer partners to secure additional inventory where possible.
  • We are only accepting orders for affected products from dentists, doctors, nurses, and first responders.
  • We are not accepting orders for affected products that are out of stock or backordered.
  • We are currently limiting purchases of gloves to 20 boxes per customer per week.

Due to increases in shipping and operational costs, the minimum order for free shipping is now $100. The service fee for orders under $100 is $9.99. Standard shipping is still totally free for orders over $100.

While we are doing everything possible to keep our prices stable, we reserve the right to increase prices on specific items in the event of extraordinary manufacturer price increases. In addition, we reserve the right to limit quantities of items per order.

Factors which are dramatically increasing the prices of PPE

Skyrocketing Demand

Beyond the traditional medical and dental offices needing supply, PPE is in extreme demand by physical therapists, first responders and the general public.

Limitations on Supply

Product (including gloves and the material used in the production of masks) that may have been sourced overseas are now faced with labor issues.

Freight Costs

For imported items, some products are being airfreighted into the USA and containers have limited availability.

Shipments & Backorder

Varying work and travel restrictions have impacted most freight schedules, with some of the major carriers suspending delivery service guarantees. Simultaneously, unprecedented PPE demand has increased manufacturer lead times as much as 200% globally in the past 2 months.

As a result, the pricing of many PPE products has increased dramatically over the past 30-45 days. There are many US suppliers that have tried to hold pricing — however, they are also experiencing pressure as they have increased production, with many working around the clock.

As your dental products supplier, we have worked to only pass on the price increases that we have incurred. Please know that with the limited supply to meet needs, we are working closely with our suppliers to secure future products to meet the needs of our customers.

Thank you for your consideration during these extraordinary circumstances — we value your partnership and are here to help you in any way we can.