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Image for Ardent™ articulating paper
Ardent™ articulating paper

Non-smudging articulating paper for wet or dry fields.

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Image for Ardent™ Exacta-Film™ articulating film
Ardent™ Exacta-Film™ articulating film

Double-sided ultra-thin strips provide the best and most precise articulation possible. Each strip is only...

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Image for Foilcote Liquid Foil Substitute
Foilcote Liquid Foil Substitute

Seals the pores on plaster or stone, forming a smooth surface that results in excellent...

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Image for Silky-Rock

Low setting expansion guarantees accuracy of dies. Creamy consistency and silky-smooth surfaces.Compressive strength: 6,000 psiInitial...

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Image for ResinRock

Resin-fortified die stone produces models of the highest quality. Ideal for implant and complex restorative...

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Image for Snap-Stone

An exceptionally fast setting stone with an early high compressive strength, allows separation of the...

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Image for RapidFlask™ Flowable Flasking Stone
RapidFlask™ Flowable Flasking Stone

A unique flowable flasking stone designed to flow without vibration into all areas of the...

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Image for Microstone

General purpose lab stone, especially suited for processing acrylic appliances. Cured compressive strength: 8,500 psi...

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Image for Mounting stone
Mounting stone

A hard, fast-setting gypsum formulated for mounting casts to articulators or as a model stone...

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Image for Orthodontic stone
Orthodontic stone

Hard, accurate stone. Super-white color for optimal aesthetics. Ample working time to allow for multiple...

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Image for Preppies™

Flour of pumice paste for procedures requiring a cleaning agent that contains no flavorings, oils or fluoride....

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Image for General purpose vibrator - Whip Mix
General purpose vibrator - Whip Mix

All-purpose variable, 3-speed vibrator designed to promote easy, bubble-free pouring of plaster. The 4." flanged...

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Image for Hard Casting Wax
Hard Casting Wax

Wax sticks compounded to produce the finest inlays. Can be flowed in the liquid state,...

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Image for Life-Like Presentation Wax
Life-Like Presentation Wax

White enamel-like wax for a more esthetic case presentation. Hardness assures easy carving properties, and...

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Image for VeriModel™ OS Golden Brown 3D print resin
VeriModel™ OS Golden Brown 3D print resin

Methacrylate-based 3D print resin for dental models and removable dies. Compatible with both 385nm and...

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Image for VeriModel™ OS Ivory Resin 3D print resin
VeriModel™ OS Ivory Resin 3D print resin

Offers extreme precision and a high quality surface finish for models. Can be used in...

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Image for VeriSplint™ OS 3D print resin
VeriSplint™ OS 3D print resin

This rigid and durable dental splint material provides a high level of efficiency by lowering...

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Image for VeriGuide OS™ 3D Print Resin
VeriGuide OS™ 3D Print Resin

VeriGuide OS is a Class I, CE certified resin material developed specifically to produce high...

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Image for Asiga® 3D Printers
Asiga® 3D Printers

Asiga 3D printer technology offers a wide range of fast, efficient, and easy to use...

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