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Image for Key-To® Alginate
Key-To® Alginate

Produces consistent impressions with smooth handling and quick cleanup. Removes easily without distortion or tearing....

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Image for Getz® Blue Core
Getz® Blue Core

Getz® Blue Core Crown Build-up material is a small particle, radiopaque, light-cured composite material that...

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Image for Densco® prophy cups
Densco® prophy cups

Contains latex.

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Image for Waterpik® Complete Care 9.0
Waterpik® Complete Care 9.0

Complete Care 9.0 delivers all of your brushing and flossing needs in one product. This...

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Image for Waterpik<sup>®</sup> Cordless Advanced 2.0
Waterpik® Cordless Advanced 2.0

Perfect for those who want to water floss, but don’t have the space for a...

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Image for Waterpik<sup>®</sup> Aquarius<sup>®</sup> Professional
Waterpik® Aquarius® Professional

Pulse­ modulation water flossing system cleans teeth and helps reduce plaque, gingivitis, and gum disease....

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Image for UltraThin & Clear Fluoride Varnish
UltraThin & Clear Fluoride Varnish

5% sodium fluoride varnish. Glides on smooth. Dries clear on wet or dry tooth surfaces....

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Image for Sani-Trays® Dual Arch
Sani-Trays® Dual Arch

Triple bite disposable impression trays. Anatomically accurate frame design for a better fit. Rigid frame...

View Sani-Trays® Dual Arch

Image for Tra-Tens®

Specifically designed for alginate impressions. No tray adhesive required.

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Image for Master Tray®
Master Tray®

Rounded surfaces – no sharp edges that could pinch or cut patients. “X” shaped ribs...

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Image for Sani-Trays®

Plastic impression trays that are ideal for crown, bridge, alginate and edentulous impressions. Extra-thick sidewalls...

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Image for Original Tofflemire® matrix bands
Original Tofflemire® matrix bands "Dead Soft"

Micro-thin .001" in gauge stainless steel, making it more flexible than thicker bands. Ideal for...

View Original Tofflemire® matrix bands "Dead Soft"

Image for Original Tofflemire® matrix bands
Original Tofflemire® matrix bands

Stainless steel matrix bands. .0015" bands are thinnest; .002" bands provide extra strength.  

View Original Tofflemire® matrix bands

Image for Getz contour matrix bands
Getz contour matrix bands

Pre-contoured stainless steel “Dixieland Band”.

View Getz contour matrix bands

Image for Original Tofflemire® II retainers
Original Tofflemire® II retainers

Universal retainer is used buccally. Contra angle retainer is positioned lingually.

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Image for Densco®

Designed for safety, durability, convenience and performance. Fabricated with high-strength nylon components.

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Image for Waterpik® prophy paste
Waterpik® prophy paste

Contains 1.23% sodium fluoride.

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Image for Densco<sup>™</sup> Proflex Flexible Scaler
Densco Proflex Flexible Scaler

Densco Proflex Flexible Scaler is made of stainless steel with microscopic scaling edges built into...

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Image for Hold™ tray adhesive
Hold™ tray adhesive

Adhesive for alginate and hydrocolloid impressions.

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Image for Wizard Wedges® - Anatomical
Wizard Wedges® - Anatomical

Birchwood wedges with a multi-plane contour to firmly engage adjoining teeth.

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Image for Wizard Wedges®
Wizard Wedges®

Please note:  Due to ongoing supply chain issues, the manufacturer has advised Safco they cannot guarantee...

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