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Vista Apex

Image for Aspirating syringes - Vista
Aspirating syringes - Vista

Chrome construction. Autoclavable.

View Aspirating syringes - Vista

Image for Vista Apex bite wing tabs
Vista Apex bite wing tabs

These self-adhesive bite wing tabs adhere to all types of bite wing x-ray surfaces. The...

View Vista Apex bite wing tabs

Image for ZR-P Universal Primer
ZR-P Universal Primer

Single component priming agent used to enhance adhesion when applied to zirconia, alumina, metal/alloy surfaces;...

View ZR-P Universal Primer

Image for Vista Silane Primer
Vista Silane Primer

Vista Silane Primer is a viscous 9.5% Hydrofluoric Acid Solution. Use it to enhance the bond strength...

View Vista Silane Primer

Image for Vista Caries Indicator
Vista Caries Indicator

Glycol-based solution to facilitate removal of carious dentin. Ensures maximum amount of inner dentin is...

View Vista Caries Indicator

Image for ZR-C™ Universal Cleanser
ZR-C™ Universal Cleanser

Aqueous based universal cleanser suitable for non-abrasive cleaning of the intaglio surface of prosthetic restorations...

View ZR-C™ Universal Cleanser

Image for Vista cotton tipped applicators
Vista cotton tipped applicators

Single-tipped cotton applicators.

View Vista cotton tipped applicators

Image for PinkWave™

Designed to enhance the efficacy of curing procedures. Equipped with patented QuadWave™ Technology. Four different...

View PinkWave™

Image for Liquid Dam
Liquid Dam

Blue resin barrier for the isolation and protection of soft tissue. Light reflective. Passively adhesive...

View Liquid Dam

Image for Vista Apex Vista-Blue™
Vista Apex Vista-Blue™

Vista-Blue is a water soluble solution which is used for the identification of cracks, calcified...

View Vista Apex Vista-Blue™

Image for Vista Apex Pre-Bent Needle Tips
Vista Apex Pre-Bent Needle Tips

Ideal for use with etchants, resins, and flowable composites Opaque photo-sensitive hub Blunt end pre-bent...

View Vista Apex Pre-Bent Needle Tips

Image for Appli-Vac 3/4
Appli-Vac 3/4" Bendables

Bendable 3/4” Appli-Vac™ and Secure-Lock™ are the ideal application tips for sealants, irrigating, aspirating, air/water...

View Appli-Vac 3/4" Bendables

Image for Stat-Flo™ pre-bent brush tips
Stat-Flo™ pre-bent brush tips

For the non-invasive application of hemostatic solutions. Cannula is curved for optimal visibility. Soft padded...

View Stat-Flo™ pre-bent brush tips

Image for Visco-Tip™

Bendable, 25 ga. luer-lock tips with Material Saving Technology (MST) - a unique design which...

View Visco-Tip™

Image for Volu-Flo™

The Volu-Flo large 18 gauge tip opening allows for easy extrusion of viscous materials. These...

View Volu-Flo™

Image for Spira-Flo™ pre-bent brush tips
Spira-Flo™ pre-bent brush tips

For superior control of viscous materials, etchants, and resins during placement. Curved cannula with nylon...

View Spira-Flo™ pre-bent brush tips

Image for Vista Apex Sol-u-Flo™
Vista Apex Sol-u-Flo™

Ideal for use with low-viscosity solutions. 19 ga tip with adjustable brush fiber length Curved...

View Vista Apex Sol-u-Flo™

Image for Micro-Flo™

Perfect tip for magnification enhanced procedures. Ideal for controlled microscopic delivery of etchants and composites...

View Micro-Flo™

Image for MST Visco-Tip<sup>™</sup> Stainless Steel
MST Visco-Tip Stainless Steel

Bendable, 25 ga. stainless steel tip that allows navigation within complex canal structures, improving the...

View MST Visco-Tip Stainless Steel

Image for Vista Apex SeamFree
Vista Apex SeamFree

SeamFree is a wetting resin that has been designed to make the handling of composite...

View Vista Apex SeamFree

Image for Best-Etch™

37% phosphoric acid etch gel. Viscous solution stays in place and rinses clean with water...

View Best-Etch™

Image for Porcelain Etch
Porcelain Etch

Porcelain Etch is a 9.5% Hydrofluoric Acid solution that is ideal for porcelain crowns, veneers,...

View Porcelain Etch

Image for Vista Apex Clean & Boost<sup>®</sup>
Vista Apex Clean & Boost®

Clean & Boost® is a water based cleanser and etchant that has been designed to...

View Vista Apex Clean & Boost®

Image for Vista Fluoride Trays
Vista Fluoride Trays

Flexible trays ideal for foam and gel fluoride solutions. Adapt to the contour of all...

View Vista Fluoride Trays

Image for Vista Apex Micro Aspirators
Vista Apex Micro Aspirators

Designed to provide fast and efficient micro-aspiration No need for paper points Bendable needles resist...

View Vista Apex Micro Aspirators

Image for Disposable HVE Screens
Disposable HVE Screens

Disposable plastic screens fit on most plastic or metal high volume aspirators. Helps prevent grasping...

View Disposable HVE Screens

Image for Vista-Probe<sup>™</sup> Irrigating Tips
Vista-Probe Irrigating Tips

Bendable irrigating tips. Closed-end tip for side-port delivery that reduces apical pressure. For use with...

View Vista-Probe Irrigating Tips

Image for Vista luer lock syringes
Vista luer lock syringes

Textured finger grips to minimize slippage. Graduated (cc) increments. Standard luer lock style connection. Disposable,...

View Vista luer lock syringes

Image for NiTi SuperFlex
NiTi SuperFlex

SuperFlex tips are slotted and side-vented for safe irrigation. 2.5 X more flexible. Longer life...

View NiTi SuperFlex

Image for Appli-Vac<sup>™</sup> Irrigating Tips
Appli-Vac Irrigating Tips

 Bendable irrigating tips. Slotted and side-vented for safe irrigation. For use with luer lock syringes. ...

View Appli-Vac Irrigating Tips

Image for Vista Apex Elasti-Vac™
Vista Apex Elasti-Vac™

This narrow, flexible tip easily navigates curved canals. Intended for endodontic evacuation, though not limited...

View Vista Apex Elasti-Vac™

Image for Vista Apex EndoUltra®
Vista Apex EndoUltra®

EndoUltra® is the only cordless activator unit capable of generating the tip frequency (40,000Hz) required...

View Vista Apex EndoUltra®

Image for Vista Apex Secure-Lock™ Vista-Probe™ Tips
Vista Apex Secure-Lock™ Vista-Probe™ Tips

1” bendable irrigating tips  Luer lock hub with Secure-Lock™ threads to lock tip in place...

View Vista Apex Secure-Lock™ Vista-Probe™ Tips

Image for Stropko™ Irrigator
Stropko™ Irrigator

Used for precise control of air and/or water in any dental procedure (crown, bridge, restorative,...

View Stropko™ Irrigator

Image for Appli-Vac™ Pre-tipped Syringes
Appli-Vac™ Pre-tipped Syringes

Pre-tipped syringes are ideal for easy irrigation of pockets, fistulas and canals. Side-vented needles are...

View Appli-Vac™ Pre-tipped Syringes

Image for Syringe Caps
Syringe Caps

Designed for preserving and sealing syringes and materials. White plastic caps with easy twist-open wing tabs....

View Syringe Caps

Image for Vista Apex Color-Coded Luer-Lock Syringes
Vista Apex Color-Coded Luer-Lock Syringes

A fast, easy way to organize and identify syringes. Color-coded for easy identification – no...

View Vista Apex Color-Coded Luer-Lock Syringes

Image for CHX-Plus™

CHX-Plus is an enhanced 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate solution with powerful wetting agents and proprietary surface...

View CHX-Plus™

Image for SmearOFF™ 2-in-1
SmearOFF™ 2-in-1

SmearOFF is a proprietary EDTA / CHX mix formulated with wetting agents and surface modifiers....

View SmearOFF™ 2-in-1

Image for Sodium Hypochlorite Solution - Vista
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution - Vista

Sodium hypochlorite solution is used for the debridement and irrigation of root canals during and...

View Sodium Hypochlorite Solution - Vista

Image for Vista Apex Vista-Cal™
Vista Apex Vista-Cal™

Vista-Cal is a 12.5 pH aqueous solution for temporary filling and cleansing root canals. Contains...

View Vista Apex Vista-Cal™

Image for Chlor-XTRA™

6% sodium hypochlorite solution specially fomulated for irrigation, debridement and cleansing of root canals. Enhanced...

View Chlor-XTRA™

Image for EDTA Solution - Vista
EDTA Solution - Vista

17% EDTA aqueous solution used for endodontic irrigation, and removal of the smear layer and...

View EDTA Solution - Vista

Image for CHX

CHX is a Chlorhexidine Gluconate solution used for the final irrigation step for cleansing adhesion...

View CHX

Image for Exacta-Flo™

The Exacta-Flo Brush Tip is intended for the precise and smooth delivery of aqueous solutions....

View Exacta-Flo™

Image for Vista Apex Composite Brushes & Handles
Vista Apex Composite Brushes & Handles

Universal style for application of etchants, sealants, adhesives and hemostatic agents. Features & Benefits: Tapered...

View Vista Apex Composite Brushes & Handles

Image for Vista Apex Micro Applicator Brushes
Vista Apex Micro Applicator Brushes

For applying etchants, sealants, bonding agents and hemostatic agents.  Bendable micro-applicator brushes Non-absorbent Lint-free brush...

View Vista Apex Micro Applicator Brushes

Image for Vista Apex Bendable Brush Applicators
Vista Apex Bendable Brush Applicators

Bendable brush applicators for applying of etchants, resins and bonding agents. Features & Benefits: Bends...

View Vista Apex Bendable Brush Applicators

Image for Syringe Tips
Syringe Tips

Quick-change air/water syringe tips. Durable. Autoclavable. Stainless steel construction.

View Syringe Tips

Image for Versa-Brush™

Ideal tool for cleaning endodontic access cavities and removing contaminents such as sealer components and smear...

View Versa-Brush™

Image for MTA Carriers
MTA Carriers

For a broad range of applications from internal perforation repairs to root end fillings. For...

View MTA Carriers

Image for Quick-Stat™ FREE
Quick-Stat™ FREE

Unique, clear 25% aluminum and magnesium chloride hemostatic gel with shortened hemostasis time. Metal ions...

View Quick-Stat™ FREE

Image for Quick-Stat™ Liquid
Quick-Stat™ Liquid

15.5% ferric sulfate aqueous-based solution for soaking retraction cord. Achieves profound hemostasis in seconds.

View Quick-Stat™ Liquid

Image for Quick-Stat™ FS
Quick-Stat™ FS

Thixotropic, 20.0% ferric sulfate hemostatic gel in convenient prefilled syringes. Provides effective tissue management when...

View Quick-Stat™ FS

Image for Low-Speed Saliva Ejector/Suction Valve
Low-Speed Saliva Ejector/Suction Valve

This durable metal saliva ejector/suction flip valve is simple to remove and clean.  Autoclavable. Fits...

View Low-Speed Saliva Ejector/Suction Valve

Image for RE-GEN<sup>™</sup> Bioactive EndoSealer
RE-GEN Bioactive EndoSealer

RE-GEN Bioactive Endo Sealer is a hydraulic, ready-to-use injectable bioactive paste that utilizes moisture naturally...

View RE-GEN Bioactive EndoSealer

Image for Vista spatulas
Vista spatulas

Rosewood handle, stainless steel blade. Medium flexibility.

View Vista spatulas

Image for Apical surgery tips
Apical surgery tips

Acteon Satelec style diamond coated tips offer greater durability and provide more abrasive power. Compatible...

View Apical surgery tips

Image for Micro Suction for Root Canal and Root Tip Surgery
Micro Suction for Root Canal and Root Tip Surgery

Micro suctioning aspirators that are ideal for root canal aspiration. 1/8” diameter stainless steel. Fits...

View Micro Suction for Root Canal and Root Tip Surgery

Image for Straw Aspirator
Straw Aspirator

High-speed, side-venting suction aspirator with adjustment holes to regulate aspiration during procedures. 4.5” length. 1.5mm...

View Straw Aspirator

Image for Vista™ surgical evacuation tubes
Vista™ surgical evacuation tubes

Rigid plastic autoclavable tips. 6½" long with a 30° angle.

View Vista™ surgical evacuation tubes

Image for Vista Apex Endodontic Tips
Vista Apex Endodontic Tips

Use for general purpose condensation of gutta-percha points in a properly sized canal.Applications: refining axial...

View Vista Apex Endodontic Tips