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Image for Copalite®

Cavity varnish provides protection for dentin; penetrates, fills and seals dentinal tubules. Bacteriostatic.

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Image for Temrex bite wing loops
Temrex bite wing loops

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Image for Gel Etch®
Gel Etch®

35% phosphoric acid. Angled tips for easy, accurate placement. Green tinted.  Medium viscosity.

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Image for Aidaco™ bite sticks
Aidaco™ bite sticks

For gently seating crown and esthetic restorations; also may be used to help locate fractured...

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Image for Temrex® Temporary Cement
Temrex® Temporary Cement

ZOE temporary cement inhibits microbial growth and minimizes microleakage. Indicated uses include temporary retaining of...

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Image for Interval

Interval Temporary Filling Material is indicated for endodontic access preparations, restoring fractured or lost amalgam...

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Image for Interval II® Plus
Interval II® Plus

Interval II Plus is a temporary filling material and use for restoring both vital and...

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