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Image for Sharp Image panoramic film
Sharp Image panoramic film

Green sensitive panoramic film.  Archive-quality film that provides excellent detail and high contrast. TG green...

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Image for Bio Lube® E-Formula
Bio Lube® E-Formula

Formulated for high speed electric handpiece contra angles. Synthetic biodegradable lubricant eliminates heat buildup and...

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Image for Bio Lube®
Bio Lube®

Synthetic biodegradable universal handpiece lubricant and cleaner. Nontoxic and nonflammable. Eliminates problems associated with sterilization....

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Image for Sharp Image™
Sharp Image™ "Original" phosphor plates

Thin and flexible like film for ease in positioning. Produces high contrast images in seconds...

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Image for Clear Image
Clear Image

Cleans all processors (with or without rollers) in 3 to 5 minutes. Foaming spray removes...

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Image for Clean Image Sheets
Clean Image Sheets

8" x 10" transport roller clean-up sheets remove residue from rollers and webs that causes...

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