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Image for Bur Safe™
Bur Safe™

Practicon Bur Safe Bur Holders make bur storage, sterilization, and retrieval easier and safer than...

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Image for QUIKcaps<sup>™</sup>

Large QUIKcaps are designed to fit computer keyboards and keep them protected from contaminants, aerosols and...

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Image for Marble retainer boxes
Marble retainer boxes

Stylish and upscale marbled-color retainer cases that keep appliances safe in a tough plastic, hinged...

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Image for Practicon E-Prop™
Practicon E-Prop™

Like a third hand, innovative E-Prop™ mouth props maintain an open field while holding a...

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Image for Lumindex™ 3 LED Transilluminator
Lumindex™ 3 LED Transilluminator

Bright, easy-to-use LED transilluminator with two strong output levels. Simply press the single ON/OFF button...

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Image for Endo-Cushion

Disposable Endo-Cushions hold, arrange and clean small instruments during endodontic or implant procedures. It is...

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Image for Lock-On Saliva Ejector Valve Tips
Lock-On Saliva Ejector Valve Tips

Lock-Ons fit your existing saliva ejector valves and stay put under tension. Fit all standard...

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