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Image for Alignerchew™

These soft plastic aligner tray seaters help patients seat their aligners correctly. Non-latex. Non-sterile. Same...

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Image for Biband

The Plasdent Biband is a disposable band for patient bibs. These soft, non-woven bands stretch...

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Image for Plasdent Polybibs
Plasdent Polybibs

Quality patient bibs at an economy price! 2 ply absorbent tissue plus 1 ply protective...

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Image for Adhesive Biohazard Bags
Adhesive Biohazard Bags

Designed for use chairside for ease of disposal during patient visits and procedures. Easily removable...

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Image for Handi-Hopper

For use with the Zirc Handi-Hopper chairside waste receptacle. To use for infectious waste, order...

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Image for Adhesive Utility Bags
Adhesive Utility Bags

Designed to be used chairside for easy waste disposal during procedures. Adhesive strip adheres to...

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Image for Plasdent bendable brushes
Plasdent bendable brushes

5½" handle with black tapered bristles. Assortment of blue, green, red and yellow handle colors.

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Image for MaxBrush applicators
MaxBrush applicators

4" applicator brushes in an assortment of 4 colors.

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Image for Plasdent Magnetic Bur Blocks
Plasdent Magnetic Bur Blocks

For FG and RA Burs. Bur blocks are autoclavable to 250°. Covers are not autoclavable....

View Plasdent Magnetic Bur Blocks

Image for Plasdent cartridge transfer connectors
Plasdent cartridge transfer connectors

Save money by reducing waste  Use these connectors to transfer unused impression material to a...

View Plasdent cartridge transfer connectors

Image for Plasdent Half Chair Covers
Plasdent Half Chair Covers

Half chair covers are a protective layer that prolong life of chair fabric by covering...

View Plasdent Half Chair Covers

Image for Acupush™ carpules dispenser gun
Acupush™ carpules dispenser gun

Ergonomic dispenser accepts most carpules. Textured plastic construction is autoclavable up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

View Acupush™ carpules dispenser gun

Image for Push Style Cotton Roll Dispenser
Push Style Cotton Roll Dispenser

The Plasdent cotton roll dispensers will keep your cotton rolls clean and organized and ready...

View Push Style Cotton Roll Dispenser

Image for Cotton roll dispenser
Cotton roll dispenser

Flip-up lid for easy loading. Pull out door for convenient dispensing.

View Cotton roll dispenser

Image for Cup Dispenser for Paper Cups
Cup Dispenser for Paper Cups

The Plasdent acrylic single cup dispenser is translucent with a white base. It is used for...

View Cup Dispenser for Paper Cups

Image for Dapdish™ dappen dishes
Dapdish™ dappen dishes

Disposable plastic dappen dishes with bendable hinge. Wide base makes dish stand firmly. Assorted colors...

View Dapdish™ dappen dishes

Image for Plasdent digital sensor sheaths
Plasdent digital sensor sheaths

Clear plastic, disposable digital sensor covers, with an 8” removable paper backing on one side. The...

View Plasdent digital sensor sheaths

Image for Plasdent digital sensor sleeves
Plasdent digital sensor sleeves

Clear, disposable all-plastic 9½" digital sensor sleeves with no paper backing.

View Plasdent digital sensor sleeves

Image for Replacement Bands
Replacement Bands

Replacement Bands for Rinn XCP-DS Fit.

View Replacement Bands

Image for Plasdent AcuTips
Plasdent AcuTips

Features & Benefits:Economical disposable air water syringe tips.Separate air water passages ensure dry air.Rounded ends...

View Plasdent AcuTips

Image for Screen-4-Vac

Screen-4-Vac disposable traps improve the performance of your evacuation system and reduce infection and contamination. They...

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Image for Aspirator Brushes
Aspirator Brushes

Cleaning brushes designed specifically for aspirators.

View Aspirator Brushes

Image for Hi-Vac oral evacuators
Hi-Vac oral evacuators

View Hi-Vac oral evacuators

Image for Model Formers
Model Formers

Designed to produce smooth and symmetrical bases for study models quickly and easily. Can be...

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Image for Mixtik™ mixing spatulas
Mixtik™ mixing spatulas

Rigid, white plastic 4½" disposable sticks.

View Mixtik™ mixing spatulas

Image for Plasdent instrument ties
Plasdent instrument ties

Flexible silicone ties for efficient bundling of instruments during sterilization. Autoclavable up to 275°F.

View Plasdent instrument ties

Image for Plasdent color code rings
Plasdent color code rings

Soft silicone color rings precut to fit easily onto all hand instruments. Compatible with all...

View Plasdent color code rings

Image for Set Up Trays
Set Up Trays

High-impact plastic trays designed for ease of use in instrument set ups for dental procedures....

View Set Up Trays

Image for Monovac™ Irrigation Syringes
Monovac™ Irrigation Syringes

Bendable 1" monoject style (notched) needle tips, color coded for easy identification. 

View Monovac™ Irrigation Syringes

Image for Plasdent 12cc utility syringe
Plasdent 12cc utility syringe

View Plasdent 12cc utility syringe

Image for Plasdent Luer Lock Syringes
Plasdent Luer Lock Syringes

Luer lock syringes are designed for surgical site irrigation. These clear barrel syringes have boldly...

View Plasdent Luer Lock Syringes

Image for Touch Screen Barrier Film
Touch Screen Barrier Film

Disposable, single-use, touch sensitive film that protects touch screens from scratches and reduces the risk...

View Touch Screen Barrier Film

Image for Mouse Cover
Mouse Cover

Disposable plastic cover to cover a PC mouse for infection control.

View Mouse Cover

Image for Keyboard Cover
Keyboard Cover

Disposable covers fit standard keyboard for infection control. 22" x 14".

View Keyboard Cover

Image for Plasdent T-Shape Lite Handle Cover
Plasdent T-Shape Lite Handle Cover

Plastic sleeves For T-Style light handle Will not fall off and will keep your office...

View Plasdent T-Shape Lite Handle Cover

Image for Maxapplicators™

Economical and functional micro applicators for single drop placement of bonding agents, etchants, sealants and medicaments. The...

View Maxapplicators™

Image for Nite guard boxes
Nite guard boxes

View Nite guard boxes

Image for Retainer Boxes (Glitter™) - Plasdent
Retainer Boxes (Glitter™) - Plasdent

Fluorescent colors with glitter sparkles.3¼"W x 2½"L x 1½"H.

View Retainer Boxes (Glitter™) - Plasdent

Image for Denture bath boxes - Plasdent
Denture bath boxes - Plasdent

Hinged, plastic. 4"W x 3"L x 2"H.

View Denture bath boxes - Plasdent

Image for EXTND<sup>™</sup> Silicone Mouth Props
EXTND Silicone Mouth Props

 Mouth props in a variety of sizes, color coded for ease of use. Can be...

View EXTND Silicone Mouth Props

Image for Bondwell™ mixing wells
Bondwell™ mixing wells

Plastic disposable mixing wells with convenient slot for resting the applicator while not in use....

View Bondwell™ mixing wells

Image for Plasdent Endo Foam Inserts
Plasdent Endo Foam Inserts

Endo Foam inserts are used to hold files during a root canal procedure. White, triangle...

View Plasdent Endo Foam Inserts

Image for Easy-Tear

Disposable, extra-soft phosphor plate envelopes.

View Easy-Tear

Image for Sponge Dispensers
Sponge Dispensers

Sponge dispensers protect gauze, cotton pads, or other sponges from spray and dust while keeping...

View Sponge Dispensers

Image for Plasdent sterilization tubing
Plasdent sterilization tubing

Nylon tubing for steam, vapor, or dry heat with temperatures up to 360°F. Rolls do...

View Plasdent sterilization tubing

Image for Plasdent tray papers
Plasdent tray papers

These 8½" x 12¼" tray covers are an economical choice for the operatory when fluid repellency is...

View Plasdent tray papers