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Image for Sani-Cloth® Plus
Sani-Cloth® Plus

The original hard surface germicidal disinfectant wipes. Quaternary ammonium based; low alcohol (14.85% formulation).

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Image for Easy Screen<sup>®</sup>
Easy Screen®

70% isopropyl alcohol cleaner for touchscreens, whiteboards and equipment. Leaves no residue or streaks and...

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Image for Super Sani-Cloth®
Super Sani-Cloth®

Extra-strength quaternary ammonium-based hard surface disinfectant wipes with 55% alcohol. Kills TB and HIV-1 (AIDS)...

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Image for Sani-Cloth® AF3
Sani-Cloth® AF3

Alcohol-free, fragrance-free disinfectant wipes for use on hard, non-porous surfaces and equipment. Kills TB, Herpes...

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Image for Sani-Hands<sup>®</sup>

70% ethyl alcohol based sanitizing hand wipes for staff, visitors and patients. Clinically proven to...

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Image for PDI® See Clear®
PDI® See Clear®

Individually wrapped wipe for cleaning protective eyewear, glasses, and loupes. Compatible with Glass and polycarbonate lenses...

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