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Image for Retrax<sup>®</sup> cord packers
Retrax® cord packers

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Image for Hydent®

Denture indicator. Aerosol spray: Applies a thin, uniform layer of paste that clearly defines pressure...

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Image for Occlude®

Aerosol spray for disclosing high spots and contact points. Also perfect for seating crowns. Dries...

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Image for Epidri

100% cotton pellets with 1.9mg racemic epinephrine HCl per pellet. Designed to aid in retraction...

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Image for Racellet Pellets
Racellet Pellets

Hemostatic cotton pellets with epinephrine that are activated by normal tissue moisture. Color-coded green and...

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Image for Gel-Cord®

25% aluminum sulfate tissue management gel. Proven hemostatic agent with reduced tissue trauma and no...

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Image for SilTrax® Plus
SilTrax® Plus

Ideal for creating full exposure of the margin which is the foundation for success in...

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Image for Racord®

Twisted cord, impregnated with racemic epinephrine HCl. Cotton strands will not separate and packing instruments will...

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Image for Racord® Plus
Racord® Plus

Note: This product was formally named Racord Two. The product is the same - only the name...

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Image for SilTrax® AS
SilTrax® AS

Ideal for creating full exposure of the margin which is the foundation for success in...

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Image for SilTrax® EPI
SilTrax® EPI

Braided, 100% pure cotton retraction cord impregnated with a solution of stabilized epinephrine hydrochloride then...

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Image for Banicide® Plus
Banicide® Plus

Kills HIV-1 (AIDS), Poliovirus types 1 & 2, Herpes simplex types 1 & 2. Chemistry: 3.4%...

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Image for Citrizyme®

Concentrated enzymatic evacuation system cleaner (may also be used as instrument pre-soak and ultrasonic cleaning...

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