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Image for Pac-Dent syringe sleeves
Pac-Dent syringe sleeves

Disposable plastic barrier sleeves for use with the 3-way syringe, HVE and saliva ejector valves. 2.5"...

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Image for Cover-It™

Barrier film sheets offer effective and affordable protection from cross-contamination and limit fomite-transmitted infection risk....

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Image for PacEndo™ 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate
PacEndo™ 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate

The PacEndo™ 2% chlorhexidine gluconate is designed to irrigate and cleanse root canal systems after...

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Image for EzAim™ X-ray Positioning System
EzAim™ X-ray Positioning System

The EzAim x-ray positioning system features disposable, self-adhesive sensor holders with peel-and-stick adhesive technology that...

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Image for EzAim SoftBite Bite Tabs
EzAim SoftBite Bite Tabs

The EzAim Cushioned Bite Tab sensor holder with peel-and-stick adhesive technology firmly adheres to digital...

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Image for Armor™ air/water syringe tip & sleeve combo
Armor™ air/water syringe tip & sleeve combo

Combines air/water tip and sleeve placement into a single step for fast and easy infection...

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Image for iVisor™

Light-weight visor with fog-resistant and easy-to-install barrier shield. The reusable shield provides excellent optical clarity....

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Image for iVisor™ Loupe
iVisor™ Loupe

Comfortable, reusable visor fits over glasses, loupes and lights to protect against sprays, splashes and...

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Image for SoftEdge Cushions
SoftEdge Cushions

Disposable, peel-and-stick adhesive cushions that easily adhere to digital sensors, phosphor plates, and film packets....

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Image for iVac™ System
iVac™ System

The iVac System is designed to be used during the root canal treatment irrigation phase,...

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Image for FlexCann™ Bendable Irrigation Tips
FlexCann™ Bendable Irrigation Tips

Highly flexible and bendable. 31 ga. Double side-vented. Designed for use during the root canal...

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Image for Armor™ keyboard sleeves
Armor™ keyboard sleeves

Clear plastic disposable sleeves minimize the risk of cross-contamination from keyboards shared by team members....

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Image for iMask™ for Kids
iMask™ for Kids

ASTM Level 3 earloop face mask Kid-sized disposable masks with ASTM Level 3 protection. Extra...

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Image for iMask™ Level 3
iMask™ Level 3

ASTM Level 3 earloop face masks High fluid resistant mask with excellent breathability. 3-ply non-woven...

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Image for iMatrix Coated
iMatrix Coated

Ultra-thin matrix bands that feature a non-stick coating for swift and hassle-free removal. The lifelike...

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Image for iMatrix<sup>™</sup><span style= -Disposable Matrix Bands" />
iMatrix -Disposable Matrix Bands

This single-use, pre-assembled disposable matrix and retainer system is designed for both composite and amalgam...

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Image for iMatrix<sup>™</sup> Clear
iMatrix Clear

The iMatrix Clear system features innovative clear NiTi matrix rings with a unique undercut design...

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Image for RC-Prime<sup>™</sup>

RC-Prime is formulated with urea-peroxide 10% and ethylenediamine tera acetic acid 15% in special water...

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Image for PacEndo™ 17% EDTA Solution
PacEndo™ 17% EDTA Solution

The PacEndo™ EDTA is intended to facilitate removal of dentinal debris from the walls of...

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Image for ProMate<sup>™</sup> EZ-Q
ProMate EZ-Q

Low-speed hygiene handpiece that features a quick disconnect mechanism to facilitate a seamless transition between...

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Image for ProMate™ LF
ProMate™ LF

Lightweight and compact, this hygiene prophy handpiece is well-balanced and powerful with a maximum speed...

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Image for ProMate CL hygiene handpiece
ProMate CL hygiene handpiece

Cordless and effortless. Provides the clinician with an ergonomic hygiene handpiece that delivers independence from...

View ProMate CL hygiene handpiece

Image for ProAngle® Plus
ProAngle® Plus

Beveled gears for less noise, chatter, and heat. Slim-neck design provides better visibility. Counterclockwise fins...

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Image for Mini 90™
Mini 90™

Sterile packaged disposable prophy angles to reduce the risk of cross-contamination for maximum patient safety....

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Image for FUNimals™

Fun, animal-themed disposable prophy angles for your pediatric patients. Built on the critically acclaimed ProAngle...

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Image for AntiSplatr™

Disposable prophy angle that reduces splatter and the risk of cross-contamination. Angles feature a dimple...

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Image for <span lang=Oscillating AntiSplatr™ Mini
" />
Oscillating AntiSplatr™ Mini

The all-new Oscillating AntiSplatr Mini Disposable Prophy Angle is an ultra-compact disposable prophy angle that...

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Image for ProAngle®

Patented beveled gear design for assured quality and performance. Runs smoothly without over-heating. 100% latex-free...

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Image for FUNimals™ Pedo
FUNimals™ Pedo

Built on the Mini 90, these ultra-compact disposable prophy angles are designed with a compact...

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Image for ProAngle® Ergo
ProAngle® Ergo

Head is angled greater than 90° to provide added user comfort when compared with traditional angles....

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Image for Mini Ergo™
Mini Ergo™

Sterile packaged disposable prophy angles reduce the risk of cross-contamination for maximum patient safety. Ergonomically...

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Image for iWear™ eye goggles
iWear™ eye goggles

Full-coverage protective eye goggles with clear, fog-resistant lenses and fully adjustable comfort strap. Universal size...

View iWear™ eye goggles

Image for PacEndo<sup>™</sup> 5% Sodium Hypochlorite
PacEndo 5% Sodium Hypochlorite

PacEndo™ Sodium Hypochlorite is designed for irrigation, debridement and cleansing of root canals during and...

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