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NSK America

Image for Endo-Mate TC2
Endo-Mate TC2

Lightweight, cordless handpiece assures easy use during any endodontic procedure. Large LCD with simple 5-key...

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Image for iCare maintenance system
iCare maintenance system

Automatic maintenance system cleans and lubricates up to four handpieces at once. The maintenance of...

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Image for Pana Spray Plus lubricant
Pana Spray Plus lubricant

Specially formulated, highly effective general handpiece and air motor lubricant. Frequent application of Pana Spray...

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Image for Pana-Max Plus 2
Pana-Max Plus 2

The Pana-Max Plus 2 turbine cartridge delivers increased smoothness, while the bur retention system has...

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Image for Pana-Max2

Pana-Max2 Series handpieces redesigned for added power and durability with a scratch-resistant stainless steel body...

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Image for Ti-Max Z890
Ti-Max Z890

The Ti-Max Z Premium Series offers a powerful 41W of cutting power. The new Dynamic...

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Image for S-Max M Series
S-Max M Series

S-Max M series air turbines feature unrivalled cutting performance, a slim ergonomically designed body and...

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Image for Ti-Max X450
Ti-Max X450

The slim-form Ti-Max X450 series possesses a unique 45-degree angled head specially designed to access...

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Image for Ti-Max X500
Ti-Max X500

Ti-Max X series feature advanced technology in a light weight and balanced handpiece. Mini-head size...

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Image for Ti-Max Z Micro
Ti-Max Z Micro

The Ti-Max Z Micro Premium Series offers an exceptionally small head (9mm) with 20W of...

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Image for Ti-Max Z990
Ti-Max Z990

The Ti-Max Z Premium Series offers a powerful 44W of cutting power. The new Dynamic...

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Image for NSK couplers
NSK couplers

 For NSK PTL-CL-LED Anti-retraction valve. Stainless steel body. Titanium coating. LED incorporated in coupler. 2-year...

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Image for Implant handpieces
Implant handpieces

Implant handpieces feature a double sealing system that prevents blood and fluid from entering the...

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Image for iProphy Mobile
iProphy Mobile

Cut the cord! Developed to deliver comfortable and smooth polishing performance. By changing the attaching...

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Image for EX Series
EX Series

EX Series heads and attachments are versatile and affordable. 6 months manufacturer's warranty on heads....

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Image for iProphy Air
iProphy Air

Slim, light, short design results in a balanced and easy to use handpiece. Quiet operation...

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Image for FX Series
FX Series

FX Series low speed air handpieces have an extra slim head and body design to...

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Image for NLZ

“NLZ” can help any user of air driven handpieces convert to electric and enjoy the...

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Image for Nano Series
Nano Series

Shorter, lighter and perfectly balanced, "nano series" instruments are designed to be natural extensions of...

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Image for Ti-Max Z45L
Ti-Max Z45L

The world’s first 45-degree contra-angle, Ti-Max Z45L provides effortless access to hard-to-reach molars that a...

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Image for Ti-Max X
Ti-Max X

NSK X series contra-angle low speed handpieces feature advanced technology combined with elegant yet ergonomic...

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Image for Ti-Max Z
Ti-Max Z

All “Z” models feature a contra-angle attachment for e-type motors. With a smaller head, slim...

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Image for Surgic Pro
Surgic Pro

A stylish and fully integrated system incorporating NSK’s Advance Handpiece Calibration. By individually calibrating each...

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