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Image for DEFEND® barrier film
DEFEND® barrier film

This universal infection control barrier with a low tack adhesive backing is perfect for use...

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Image for Defend<sup>®</sup> cotton rolls
Defend® cotton rolls

All cotton #2 medium (1½" long x 3/8" diameter). Non-braided. Non-sterile.

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Image for DEFEND® Digital X-Ray Sensor Sleeves
DEFEND® Digital X-Ray Sensor Sleeves

Protect your investment in digital imaging with disposable Defend x-ray sensor sleeves, which boast a...

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Image for Defend® syringe tips
Defend® syringe tips

Disposable air/water syringe tips with an inner core water chamber seats into the syringe, preventing...

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Image for Defend® Loc
Defend® Loc

Self-sealing pouches with lead-free, built-in, dual internal and external indicators. These indicators ensure the correct...

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Image for DEFEND® topical anesthetic gel
DEFEND® topical anesthetic gel

This 20% benzocaine anesthetic gel is fast acting with no systemic absorption. The gel provides...

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