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Image for Flaps® Original holding tabs
Flaps® Original holding tabs

Cushioned bite tabs for x-ray film and digital sensors. Stick-on tabs are made of soft...

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Image for NeoBurr carbide burs
NeoBurr carbide burs

The most popular shapes of NeoBurr® Carbide Burs are made of single-piece tungsten carbide construction....

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Image for NeoBurr® surgical length carbide burs
NeoBurr® surgical length carbide burs

Made of single-piece tungsten carbide contruction to minimize breakage and chatter. More blade contact with...

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Image for NeoBurr® T&F burs
NeoBurr® T&F burs

NeoBurr® 12 Blade Trimming & Finishing Burs rotate with low vibration at low contact pressure...

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Image for NeoBurr® Esthetic Finishers
NeoBurr® Esthetic Finishers

FG shanks. More blade contact with the tooth means fantastic cutting ability without clogging up...

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Image for NeoDrys® Reflective
NeoDrys® Reflective

Reflective backing brightens the oral cavity by mirroring more light into the work area. Its...

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Image for NeoDrys®

Controls the risk of parotid saliva contamination while providing outstanding cheek protection. Keeps the parotid...

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Image for NeoDiamond®

20% more diamond exposure combined with advanced Triton bonding technology means superior hardness and longevity...

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