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MicroCare Medical

Image for V-Cide®

Chemical vapor sterilant solution. Non-corrosive yet proven effective. Low odor formula.

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Image for Prospray™

Ready-to-use phenol-based surface disinfectant. Tuberculocidal, virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal. So safe it is now approved for...

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Image for Prospray™ wipes
Prospray™ wipes

Presaturated towelette wipes for hard-surface disinfection. Kills HIV-1, Herpes Simplex I and Herpes Simplex II in...

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Image for ProE-Vac™

ProE-Vac is a non-foaming, biodegradable liquid evacuation cleaner. It quickly dissolves and removes organic tissue,...

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Image for ProChek<sup>®</sup> ID
ProChek® ID

Sterilization indicator strips that meet CDC recommendations for steam and chemical vapor sterilization.  Economical peace...

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Image for ProChek<sup>®</sup> S
ProChek® S

Type 4 multi-parameter internal chemical integrator strip as recommended by the CDC to assure sterilization...

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Image for Protector™ Needle Sheath Prop
Protector™ Needle Sheath Prop

Securely holds needle cap in a ready position for safe, one-handed recapping. Non-sterile. OSHA compliant.

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Image for ProView® plus
ProView® plus

Now with internal and external indicators for steam or chemical vapor. The class 4 multi-parameter chemical indicators...

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Image for Certol® Good Vibrations™
Certol® Good Vibrations™

Clean and protect against corrosion with Good Vibrations. Combines great cleaning action with excellent anti-corrosives...

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Image for ProEZ 2™ Dual Enzymatic Detergent
ProEZ 2™ Dual Enzymatic Detergent

Dual enzymatic concentrated cleaning solution ideal for heavier blood soiled instruments. Neutral pH and safe...

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Image for ProEZ AW Quad™ Enzymatic Detergent
ProEZ AW Quad™ Enzymatic Detergent

Quadruple enzymatic concentrated cleaning solution. Non-foaming formula ideal for ultrasonics and evacuation line cleaning. Neutral...

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