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Image for Acrylic polisher wheel
Acrylic polisher wheel

Polishing wheels for use on acrylics, composites, and precious metals. Use with low speeds and...

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Image for Luster<sup>®</sup> Twist Polishers
Luster® Twist Polishers

Designed for extraoral and intraoral high-gloss polishing of all ceramic restorations. The flexible polishing disks...

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Image for Meisinger lab carbides
Meisinger lab carbides

Tungsten carbide instruments that have functional precision toothing, above average concentricity, outstanding efficiency, and long...

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Image for Meisinger carbide burs
Meisinger carbide burs

Made from high-density fine grain metal. Meisinger carbide burs are exceptional due to their stability...

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Image for Meisinger surgical length burs
Meisinger surgical length burs

Made of tungsten carbide, these instruments are exceptional due to their stability and functional design. They...

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Image for Meisinger T&F burs
Meisinger T&F burs

Fine burs are 12-fluted Extra fine burs are 16-fluted Ultra fine burs are 30-fluted For...

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Image for Meisinger diamonds
Meisinger diamonds

Meisinger diamond instruments feature carefully selected natural diamond grains bonded to a stainless steel body...

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Image for Meisinger Black Cobra® diamonds
Meisinger Black Cobra® diamonds

Designed specifically to cut through hard crown material including zirconia, ceramic and lithium disilicate. Super...

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Image for Singles diamonds
Singles diamonds

Each instrument is sterilized and individually packaged and sterilized for immediate use, eliminating the need...

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Image for Elite Series II
Elite Series II

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