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Image for MI Stainless Burs
MI Stainless Burs

Minimally invasive preparation that leaves healthy tooth structure intact. The MI Stainless Burs are designed...

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Image for Mani® GPR
Mani® GPR

Thermally treated 5mm tip Shape Memory Effect files increase flexibility and fatigue resistance. Stress-free and...

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Image for Mani Peeso Reamers
Mani Peeso Reamers

Peeso reamers are designed with long, sharp flutes which provide rapid widening of the coronal...

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Image for Mani Gates Glidden Drills
Mani Gates Glidden Drills

Mani Gates Glidden Drills are designed with a flame-shaped boring head along with a non-cutting...

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Image for Mani D Finders
Mani D Finders

The D-shaped cross-section allows unprecedented initial access and negotiation of calcified and curved canals. Highly...

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Image for Mani® K-Files
Mani® K-Files

Extraordinarily sharp and mirror-like finished edges with high ductility make for excellent working characteristics. MANI’s...

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