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Image for Reach® Cleanburst® floss
Reach® Cleanburst® floss

Waxed floss combines superior between teeth cleaning with intensive bursts of cinnamon flavor that deliver...

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Image for Reach® professional floss refills
Reach® professional floss refills

Professional size floss refill for easy chairside dispensing.

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Image for Reach® Waxed floss
Reach® Waxed floss

Twisted nylon floss for regularly spaced teeth. Reach Mint waxed floss has been clinically proven to...

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Image for Reach® professional floss dispenser
Reach® professional floss dispenser

Professional size plastic floss dispenser for easy chairside use.

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Image for Reach<sup>®</sup> Pop Mint Floss
Reach® Pop Mint Floss

• Vegan-wax floss is shred-resistant and removes 2x more plaque than Teflon.• Translucent packaging is...

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Image for Reach Floss Picks
Reach Floss Picks

Optimal angle of 14 degrees for better reach. Dented handle for better grip. Sturdy pick...

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Image for Reach Interdental Brush
Reach Interdental Brush

• Optimal angle of 14 degrees for better reach.• Removes up to 30% more plaque...

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