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Image for Laschal Endo File Bending Forceps
Laschal Endo File Bending Forceps

The Laschal endodontic file bending forceps is a shaping tool for curving endodontic files and...

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Image for Steiglitz forceps
Steiglitz forceps

Sonic Steel® is elastic, so the ultra-fine Steiglitz forceps will not splay, slip off or...

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Image for Raptor Root Forceps
Raptor Root Forceps

Laschal’s strongest forceps for post and root tip removal, despite weighing just a few grams....

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Image for Laschal Needle Holders
Laschal Needle Holders

Sonic Steel is elastic. The tips flex outwardly to hold every size needle without damaging...

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Image for FXP File Extraction Probes
FXP File Extraction Probes

The Laschal file extraction probes are micro thin for access to the tightest areas. Flexible,...

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Image for SofTouch<sup>®</sup> Suture Scissors
SofTouch® Suture Scissors

Laschal has designed the perfect scissors for safely cutting sutures without disrupting tissue. Ball-point tips gently...

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