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Image for JJI burnishers
JJI burnishers

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Image for JJI cement spatulas
JJI cement spatulas

View JJI cement spatulas

Image for JJI cotton & dressing pliers
JJI cotton & dressing pliers

View JJI cotton & dressing pliers

Image for JJI endo explorer
JJI endo explorer

The JJI DG16 endo explorer is made with stainless steel and has a flexible, long-lasting...

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Image for JJI fragment forceps
JJI fragment forceps

Used in the extraction of bone fragments during dental procedures.

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Image for JJI root canal spreader
JJI root canal spreader

View JJI root canal spreader

Image for JJI excavators
JJI excavators

JJI double ended excavators are made of high quality surgical steel. These are used for...

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Image for JJI forceps
JJI forceps

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Image for JJI hemostats
JJI hemostats

View JJI hemostats

Image for JJI needle holders
JJI needle holders

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Image for JJI scissors
JJI scissors

The JJI scissors are forged from German series 420B stainless steel. Each pattern has a certain...

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