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Image for Air-Flow<sup>®</sup> Classic Powder
Air-Flow® Classic Powder

Safely, efficiently and effectively removes heavy and light-to-moderate supragingival stain. Features the smallest sodium bicarbonate...

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Image for AirFlow One
AirFlow One

The AIRFLOW® One is the latest offering in “Guided Biofilm Therapy” from leading equipment manufacturer EMS....

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Image for AIRFLOW<sup>®</sup> Prophylaxis Master
AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master

The latest EMS innovation for caries prevention and perio maintenance. AIRFLOW has been designed with the...

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Image for AIRFLOW<sup>®</sup> Plus Powder
AIRFLOW® Plus Powder

Erythritol-based ultrafine powder is safe to use, subgingivally but strong enough to remove stains. Can...

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Image for Piezon ultrasonic tips
Piezon ultrasonic tips

Tips can be used with all EMS scaler equipment. Each tip comes with a specifically...

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Image for Piezon 250
Piezon 250

Combines power, precision, design and function in a self-contained package with an irrigant bottle. The...

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