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Image for Dukal cotton tipped applicators
Dukal cotton tipped applicators

Single-tipped cotton applicators.  

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Image for Dukal surgical drapes
Dukal surgical drapes

Made of tissue-poly-tissue. Polyethylene middle layer helps eliminate the risk of bacterial migration and moisture...

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Image for Dukal isolation gowns
Dukal isolation gowns

Isolation gowns manufactured from high quality spunbonded polypropylene. Fluid resistant with a polyethylene coating. Elastic...

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Image for Bouffant caps
Bouffant caps

21” bouffant caps made of comfortable spun-bonded polypropylene that is cool and can be worn...

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Image for Tech-Med<sup>®</sup> latex finger cots
Tech-Med® latex finger cots

Pre-rolled and non-powdered finger cots approved for medical use. Intended to protect health care professionals...

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Image for Dukal Tech-Med® Finger Cots
Dukal Tech-Med® Finger Cots

Provide user protection and to help prevent contamination and infection Approved for medical use and...

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Image for Alcohol Prep Pads
Alcohol Prep Pads

2-ply, non-woven pads saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Ideal for use as an antiseptic cleanser....

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Image for Tongue Depressors - Dukal™ Corporation
Tongue Depressors - Dukal™ Corporation

6-inch wooden blades. Non-sterile, precision cut with clean and smooth hardwood blades. No odor, no...

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