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Image for <p>BLU™ Intraoral Digital X-ray Sensor</p>

BLU™ Intraoral Digital X-ray Sensor

Blu™ X-Ray Sensors provide the ideal combination of clear clinical imagery, affordability, and durability.  Maximum...


BLU™ Intraoral Digital X-ray Sensor

Image for XTG<sup>®</sup> Mini-S Handheld X-ray
XTG® Mini-S Handheld X-ray

The Digital Doc XTG handheld X-ray increases operatory efficiency and improves patient workflow. Unit moves...

View XTG® Mini-S Handheld X-ray

Image for IRIS<sup>®</sup> X90<sup>®</sup> Intraoral Camera
IRIS® X90® Intraoral Camera

The Iris X90 is Digital Docs newest 1080P High Resolution Intraoral Camera designed specifically to...

View IRIS® X90® Intraoral Camera

Image for PXL<sup>®</sup> Intraoral Camera
PXL® Intraoral Camera

The Digi-Doc PXL Intraoral Camera won’t break the bank or sacrifice quality with its high...

View PXL® Intraoral Camera