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Image for Denticator disposable syringe sleeves
Denticator disposable syringe sleeves

Clear 8" x 3" air/water syringe barrier sleeves.

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Image for ProphyPal<sup>®</sup> hygiene handpiece
ProphyPal® hygiene handpiece

Lightweight, ergonomic hygiene handpiece designed specifically for disposable prophy angles. Extended Sure-fit™ nose cone has...

View ProphyPal® hygiene handpiece

Image for Zooby® 1.23% APF Foam
Zooby® 1.23% APF Foam

1.23% APF fluoride foam with an optimal, dense consistency for easy fluoride tray filling and better patient...

View Zooby® 1.23% APF Foam

Image for Denticator disposable handpiece sleeves
Denticator disposable handpiece sleeves

For low speed handpieces. 8" x 1-3/8" sleeves have a hole in the end for...

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Image for Denticator® Original Green®
Denticator® Original Green®

4 web cup for quick, efficient cleaning. Smooth performance for maximum comfort. Latex-free.

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Image for Denticolors™

Denticolors prophy angles are exactly the same as the popular Denticator Original Green soft cup...

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Image for Denticator® Eco Slim Contra
Denticator® Eco Slim Contra

Made with 25% less plastic than leading disposable prophy angles. The 125-count box is biodegradable,...

View Denticator® Eco Slim Contra

Image for Denticator® Brush Tip Prophy Angles
Denticator® Brush Tip Prophy Angles

Prophy angles created for hard-to-reach places. Ideal for patients with orthodontic appliances and stain removal...

View Denticator® Brush Tip Prophy Angles

Image for Denticator® Eco
Denticator® Eco

Eco-friendly slim disposable prophy angles featuring: A compact, ergonomic body. Slim neck diameter and rounded...

View Denticator® Eco

Image for Denticator® Diamond design
Denticator® Diamond design

Patented prophy cup with exclusive diamond design. Longer and deeper cup holds more paste and...

View Denticator® Diamond design