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Image for Air/water syringe tips - DCI
Air/water syringe tips - DCI

3-way stainless steel syringe tips. Autoclavable. Quick-change is ¼" longer than the A-dec style.

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Image for Quick-Clean 3-way syringe
Quick-Clean 3-way syringe

This syringe offers precise control of air, water and spray. Smooth contours for quick, thorough...

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Image for Autoclavable Indexing Syringe Tips
Autoclavable Indexing Syringe Tips

These tips provide resistance to rotation in the DCI quick-change adapter.  Interchangeable in most common...

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Image for Precision Comfort<sup>®</sup> 3-Way Syringe
Precision Comfort® 3-Way Syringe

Easily and precisely control and deliver the amount of air and/or water you need with...

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Image for DCI Bulbs (Exam & Operation)
DCI Bulbs (Exam & Operation)

Pelton & Crane light bulb, 24 VAC 150 Watt Replacement DCI dental overhead bulb Chapman-Huffman...

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