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Image for Brixton A/W syringe sleeves
Brixton A/W syringe sleeves

Choose from sleeves with convenient pre-cut openings and twist tie closures, or the more economical...

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Image for Brixton half chair covers
Brixton half chair covers

Contoured shape covers top half of chair including headrest. Each cover measures 27.5"W x 24"L.

View Brixton half chair covers

Image for Brixton x-ray sensor covers
Brixton x-ray sensor covers

Clear plastic disposable sleeves. Lightweight.

View Brixton x-ray sensor covers

Image for Brixton headrest covers
Brixton headrest covers

Clear disposable 1-ply plastic headrest covers in a convenient dispenser box.

View Brixton headrest covers

Image for Brixton T-light handle protector
Brixton T-light handle protector

Slides over T-Light handle quickly and easily. Unique design provides a neat fit on handle....

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Image for Brixton tray sleeves - lock top
Brixton tray sleeves - lock top

Clear plastic sleeves with Lock Top design cover the entire tray. Greatly reduces the possibility...

View Brixton tray sleeves - lock top