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Image for Opti-Cide 3®
Opti-Cide 3®

Opti-Cide3 currently cannot be shipped to California.   Ready-to-use broad spectrum cleaner and disinfectant. Effective...

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Image for Birex® SE III
Birex® SE III

One-step cleaner and disinfectant in liquid concentrate form. Effective against a broad-spectrum of pathogens, including...

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Image for Birex® Quat™ Wipes
Birex® Quat™ Wipes

Provides strong disinfection properties as a two-minute broad spectrum and tuberculocidal without the damaging concentrations...

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Image for Opti-Cide³® Surface Wipes
Opti-Cide³® Surface Wipes

Broad spectrum surface cleaner and disinfectant. 3 minute contact time kills fungus, viruses and bacteria...

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Image for NeutraVac™

Dual action, super-concentrated vacuum line cleaner dissolves and removes organic and inorganic debris. Neutral pH...

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Image for Vacusol™ Neutral
Vacusol™ Neutral

The same powerful cleaning of Vacusol Ulta in a neutral pH formula that is compatible...

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Image for Perfect Choice®
Perfect Choice®

Latex-free webbed cup delivers powerful stain and biofilm removal with reduced splatter. Lubricated gears for a quiet, smooth operation.

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Image for Prophy Gems™
Prophy Gems™

Prophy paste with fluoride in convenient pre-filled prophy rings. Each ring features a wrap-around thumb...

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Image for Biocide G30™
Biocide G30™

Chemistry: 2.65% glutaraldehydeReady-to-use? YesDisinfection time: 45 minutesDisinfection temp: 22° CSterilization time: 10 hoursSterilization temp: 22°...

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Image for Purit™ Clean-It
Purit™ Clean-It

General-purpose ultrasonic cleaner. Delivery form: Liquid concentrate Dilution ratio: 1 oz. per gallon Yield: 16...

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Image for Purit™ Cide-It III
Purit™ Cide-It III

Premium ultrasonic solution and presoak for cleaning and decontaminating instruments. EPA-approved germicidal, fungicidal, virucidal and...

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Image for Biozyme-LT™

Delivery form: Liquid concentrate Dilution ratio: ¼ oz. per quart Yield: 32 gallons Enzymatic: Yes...

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