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B&L BioTech

Image for B&L Biotech Baek's Pluggers
B&L Biotech Baek's Pluggers

Pluggers for SuperEndo-α2 Wide variety to choose from: 13 items, including pluggers, spreaders, and a...

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Image for B&L BioTech BL-S Kondensers
B&L BioTech BL-S Kondensers

BL-S Kondensers are available individually or in a full set of 4. Handles are color-coded by...

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Image for GP Gauge & Cutter
GP Gauge & Cutter

Use to cut gutta percha cone at your desired size. Press the button at the...

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Image for B&L BioTech SuperEndo-B
B&L BioTech SuperEndo-B

Cordless gutta percha heating and delivery system for optimal backfill Cordless - No limit on usage,...

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Image for B&L BioTech Alpha II
B&L BioTech Alpha II

Cordless obturation device for optimal warm vertical condensation. Cordless base for unlimited usage due to reduced...

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Image for B&L Biotech Gutta Percha Pellets
B&L Biotech Gutta Percha Pellets

Gutta percha pellets for B&L Beta and Mini.

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Image for Superendo-B Obturation Needles
Superendo-B Obturation Needles

Swivel obturation delivery needles for the B&L Beta and Beta Mini. Recommended for one time...

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Image for Superendo-B MultiBending Needles
Superendo-B MultiBending Needles

Multi bending, non-swivel obturation delivery needles for the B&L SuperEndo-B and Beta Mini. Recommended for...

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Image for B&L Biotech Beta Mini
B&L Biotech Beta Mini

Cordless Gutta Percha Heating and Delivery System for Optimal Backfill Designed for warm gutta-percha techniques....

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Image for CK Tips
CK Tips

Removal of Broken Instruments/Troughing and Irrigation. Ultrasonic vibration through a file ensures efficient cleaning of...

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Image for B&L Biotech VibraPost
B&L Biotech VibraPost

Post Removal Ultrasonic Tip The best choice for removing a post from a root canal....

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Image for B&L BioTech BL Tips
B&L BioTech BL Tips

Sharp, abrasive micro-projections integrated onto the main body of the tip will not wear off...

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Image for B&L Biotech JETips
B&L Biotech JETips

JETip is an apico surgery tip that allows clinicians to bend the tip to any...

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