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Image for MTA Applicators
MTA Applicators

The MTA applicator is a dental instrument for the application of materials in dental cavities....

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Image for MTA Fillapex
MTA Fillapex

MTA-based endodontic root canal sealer. Biocompatible to promote healing with minimal inflammation. Presence of calcium ions...

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Image for Bio-C® Sealer Ion+
Bio-C® Sealer Ion+

Ready-to-use resin-free bioceramic root canal sealer. For use with warm or cold obturation techniques. Sets...

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Image for Bio-C<sup>®</sup> Repair
Bio-C® Repair

Premixed bioceramic repair cement (putty). The putty-like consistency helps the insertion of the product into...

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Image for MTA Angelus® reparative cement
MTA Angelus® reparative cement

Biocompatible endodontic root repair material enables normal healing without inflammation. Effectively seals the canal to reduce microleakage...

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Image for Bio-C® Temp
Bio-C® Temp

BIO-C Temp is a ready-to-use bioceramic paste for intracanal dressing. It provides a gradual and slow...

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Image for MTA Repair HP
MTA Repair HP

Bioceramic reparative cement with a putty-like consistency for better handling and placement in the repair...

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