BioSonic® UC-125


(Made in USA.)
BioSonic UC-125

Product Details

The BioSonic UC-125 features a large, 1.25 gallon capacity tank and a variety of customized enhancements such as:

  • Selectable cleaning times - allows you the freedom to individually select clean times by operation.
  • Countdown timer - shows the cleaning time remaining until the cycle is completed.
  • Solution tracking - indicates how long the solution has been in use, so that mandatory changing of the solution will not be forgotten.
  • Degas button - simply touch the button and it will release the air entrapments in the solution which hinder the cleaning process.
  • Fully functional cover - limits airborne contaminants and significantly reduces noise level.
  • Free, full size FingerGuard™ basket - keeps sharp instrument points inside the basket reducing accidental finger sticks.

2 year warranty from date of purchase.

Overall dimensions: 16.5" L x 10.5" W x 13.75" H. (13.75" H includes height of LCD display. Unit height with lid open is 17")
Tank dimensions: 11.25" L x 5.62" W x 5" H.
Safco Complete Satisfaction Guarantee
You are welcome to use the BioSonic UC-125 on a complete satisfaction guarantee basis; if you are not fully satisfied with this product, return it within 30 days for a complete refund. You may use one in your office on a trial basis; however, we can only accept the return of one unit in used condition.
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BioSonic® UC-125

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