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Premium autoclave pouches compatible with steam and EtO sterilization methods.

Triple-seal pouches measure and provide clear confirmation that the three internally required sterilization parameters have been met:

  1. contact with saturated steam under pressure,
  2. for the proper length of time,
  3. at the right temperature.

Sure-Check pouches contain both an internal and external multi-parameter indicator, so you don’t need to add a separate indicator to each pouch. When all parameters reach their specified end point, the indicators clearly change from light pink to dark brown. Produced with lead-free inks.

CDC guidelines specify: “Single-parameter internal indicators provide information on only one sterilization parameter and are available for steam, dry heat, and unsaturated chemical vapor. Multiparameter internal indicators measure 2–3 parameters and can provide a more reliable indication that sterilization conditions have been met. Multiparameter internal indicators are only available for steam sterilizers (i.e., autoclaves).”

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