Microflex® Xceed®


(Made in Malaysia.)
Microflex Xceed
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Product Details

Powder-free nitrile examination gloves.

The 1st exam glove certified as ergonomic by US Ergo.
  • Textured fingertip finish
  • Beaded cuff
  • Chlorinated
  • Ambidextrous
  • Blue color
  • Thickness: at palm 2.8 mils; at fingertip 3.5 mils
  • 250 gloves per box (230 for x-large)
  • 10 boxes in a case
Item #
Microflex® Xceed®
X-small, 250/box
mfg#: XC-310-XS
mfg#: XC-310-XS
In stock
Unit Price: 28.35
Small, 250/box
mfg#: XC-310-S
mfg#: XC-310-S
In stock
Unit Price: 28.35

Clinical Evaluations

XCEED gloves were evaluated by 46 consultants in 2,188 uses. They received a 93% clinical rating.
XCEED Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves are non-sterile, ambidextrous, non-latex gloves. They are light blue in color with beaded cuffs and textured fingertips.

Product features
Most consultants reported that XCEED were easy to don and provided good tactile sense. The gloves feel soft on the hands and flex with hand movements. Most found the gloves to be stronger than many other nitrile gloves, with few reports of tearing. The fit is good, though a little narrow.

50% of consultants reported that XCEED were better than their current nitrile exam gloves and 33% reported they were equivalent. 65% would switch to and 85% would recommend XCEED Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves.

Consultants' Comments
  • “The tactile sense is better and the gloves are more flexible than my other nitrile gloves.”
  • “I love how they feel - they fit well and have excellent tactile sense.”
  • “They felt natural. The size was perfect.”
  • “These are very comfortable gloves; no fatigue with longer procedures.”
  • “The length of the glove is short in the wrist area.”
  • “Add more grip to the fingertips.”
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